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I would like to see the diversity change. There is not enough of it, and teachers do not know how to react to students that are different and sweep racial tension under the rug.
Don't let the name fool you. We enrolled our child into FPCA w/ the assurance of discipline & an educated faculty to handle any issues of bullying that may come up. Numerous incidents occurred with no repercussions to those involved. FPCA projects unity, only if your child fits in. FPCA charges tuition more than some colleges & doesn't have educational programs or guidance to effectively deal with the issues students face in todays school environment.
I'm starting as a freshman this year, so I don't know a lot about the school yet, but the staff has been so helpful and the process to get registered at the last minute, has been easy! I'm excited about the soccer program and the small teacher to student ratio.
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I have been a part of First Presbyterian for 16 years. My daughter graduated from the school and went on to successfully graduate college with honors based on the excellent education she received.
All the staff is friendly and caring. The teachers are helpful. They offer tutoring to those who need it. This school will go above and beyond to help students excel. Many students has received college scholarships.
First Presbyterian Christian Academy (FPCA) is a school that I’ve been going to ever since 6th grade and I am now a senior there. The education is absolutely there, the teachers are willing to help if you’ve don’t understand a subject, and they promote a Christian environment. If there is anything that I would like to see changed, it would be the way the student body interacts with each other. Even though it is a Christian school, students can be downright mean to each other, however, in my experiences, the administration will try to help. I would absolutely recommend this school for the college readiness that comes with it.
First Presbyterian is the perfect school if you are looking for a family environment. Everyone knows each other. The teachers have one on one time with the students because the average class is only about 16 students.
The school is a Christian based school so, all teachers in the school are faith based in their teachings.
Great family environment, you're not a student here, you're one of the teachers kids. You can tell that the entire staff cares about you. The athletics are not the best but that,s because it is a very small school
Its a very small building for K-12, we do not have a gym or auditorium, very limited outdoor space also.
This school is very serious about safety for both staff and students.
This school lacked on the education part, they were unorganized and unprepared almost every day. After graduation I went on and am doing fantastic in college but i owe that to growing up military not to First Prez
This school offers multiple after school acivites and clubs to participate in. Among these are Chess, Interact, FBLA, Theater, Soccer, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Cheer.
The social scene is very positive due to the student body. The student body is very welcoming when it comes to having a new student at the school maybe because it is a military town. Therefore, the student body is very accepting towards a foreign student and does not alienate an individual.
The Extracurricular activities at First Presbyterian Christian Academy are average. There is a very limited number of clubs in our school and these clubs include FBLA, Interact, Drama, Student Council and National Honor Society. Adults are not very involved in these clubs excluding Student Council and National Honor Society. Therefore, I would like to see an increase in clubs at this school. Our school has the traditional athletic teams such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis. Football is also a new addition to our athletics which I believe is the first stepping stone to having a more competitive athletic body. Adults are very involved when it pertains to the athletics at our school which is positive because they are concerned with the athletes. I would like to see the new development of various sports appear at our school such as Swimming, and field hockey.
Admissions process is simple, financial aid avail
Policies are in place and typically adhered to
School does not value female athletes like males
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There are few after school activities outside of sports. I rarely participate in activities when they happen.
Students have the opportunity to participate in all available sports. School does not have it's own facilities (exception is newly acquired soccer and baseball fields). Other facilities borrowed/rented
Security is taken seriously and law enforcement is called when and if needed
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