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First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School Reviews

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I like most staff members and school is clean and nice I would just like them to change learning and try to help kids more in there own way so each student can better understand bullying is also a problem in this school
My experience at first Philadelphia was great, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people. I made a lot of friends while attending there. I kinda liked first Philadelphia because there was some teachers that do care about your future and that is important. One thing I wish they can change is that they could be more organized becasue sometimes they are all over the place.
I've been attending this school since kindergarten. At first it was nice,calm and the education was good. Then as our school got older they started allowing kids from bad schools in. This corrupted our learning and behavior system. Now we barely have teachers coming into school and the school focuses more on if you have a hoodie on rather than if you're learning the right material.
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My experience at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School has been an experience that I will never forget. There are teachers and staff who really do care about you and will try to help you with your education.
I feel that First Philly is a school that has great teachers who are there for the students, and are willing to support them and help them . I feel that in that school I was able to make many friends, although I was afraid at first because of my shyness. However, I feel that something is missing in how it doesn't really feel like a real high school.
First Philly has a very close-knit community the relationships between students and staff are really strong. The overall atmosphere is great they have an effective student government program that plans a lot of fun activities. The overall academics are pretty good the only weakness is not having AP-Courses for each subject area there is only one and is for English. Besides the lack of rigorous course, everything else is fine they are many opportunities to get help if you are struggling teachers are always are willing to support.
My First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School experience was like no other. I truly believe this is the best school for grades K-12 to come. I attended First Philly for my four years of high school. I'm currently a senior their and I really can say it was an amazing four years. I have friends who have been here since kindergarten. This says a lot about the school. The staff is amazing. Also we have teachers who really care about our school, and their students. We are a family and we learn and grow together as individuals.
I like how the staff keeps me involved in my children growth an development within the school. How there able to explore different cultures/languages.
My experience at my school was amazing. I learned that there are people who care about you, staff is very hard working and don't just care about your grades but feelings. I felt teachers teach very well and give students the individual attention each one needs to prosper. I also feel the students are very welcoming they will help you around the building and make you feel comfortable even as a student. As a student I would always have a lunch table to sit in. I noticed the school is very organized and clean, which is important a clear space allowed me to feel a clear mind when I arrived.
My child has attended first Philly since kindergarten. I’ve had very few issues with the school and every year they seem to improve. Over the last 5/6 they added and implemented many beneficial programs. They’re very interactive with the kids. Their academics are on point if not above. My only problem is their pick up and drop of is chaotic and needs a fast fix. Other then that it’s a great school.
I like how at First Philadelphia they make sure we are in a clean safe environment and they push for us to do our best. Overall it is a good school but i wouldn't say great school. we have only been a high school for 4 years now so they are all still learning and trying things out. with that being said we are not organized and put together and we need things to be shaped up fast. in some cases our school worry about all the wrong things. but your cared about and loved very much at First Philly.
My experience in First Philadelphia has been a long one. I've been here since freshman year and now I am graduating in June,2017. I think that a few things could change like having more sports and clubs, but overall everything is fine. I enjoyed my four years because of the students.
It's a great school and environment has great clubs teachers are so caring for students and always on top of them for they grades very friendly
The school is really based on a caring school community. If you need help with anything you canalways find it.
First Philadelphia Prep is a school that caters to the needs of its students. There is a sense on community that runs deep within its walls.
First Philadelphia somewhat care about the current 11th grade going to college. I say this because we been in school for about 3 months and the consolers has yet to ask us about anything that has to do with college. In fact when I ask one of the consolers (there's only 2 in the high school) they told me they're going to focus on the 12 graders due to that fact that they're going to applying really soon, but I get where they're coming from however I feel like that had all last year to get all this together because many people transcripts were messed up so they were delayed. But they told me they won't be focusing on 11th grade until the spring in 2017 and it is currently October 21,2016. However the 12th graders are going on a lot of college trips within the Pennsylvania area , I think it would be smart if they let 12th and 11th grade attend those college visit , they can kill two birds in one stone.
the school is okay, it just need to work on college readiness fr the student, can't blame them their a new school
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The only experience at this school that I can say I honestly enjoyed was the science program with Mr. Clark.
Most of the teachers at this school either do the bare minimum to get by or go above and beyond for the wrong reasons.
The staff is super nice!
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