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First Lutheran School Reviews

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Small class sizes with great teachers. Administration is a little lackadaisical but we have personally not had any problems. Our children love it there.
Old and falling apart. Very strong mold odor
Do not waste your time.
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Beware! This is not a school for everyone. Be very cautious because your child deserves a good school with strong values. This school only practices christianty when it works for them. They make it a practice of putting other families down and discussing personal things about your child with other families. I have had many friends that have left the school because of the politics. Tuition is one of the least expensive but not worth it. Pay a little more and go to a reputable school. Not one that invest it itself or its families.
Some resources are limited due to the small size of this school, but what is offered is excellent.
I believe my child is very prepared to enter high school and continue as an excellent student.
Application process is very easy and everyone stands a good chance of attending this school as long as they have room.
They are a small school so activities are limited. But they do a great job with what they can.
Personal safety is very important to the staff here.
Both of my children received what I thought was an excellent education for their elementary and middle school years. They are both straight A students.
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