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The arts programs are incredible, the sports teams are successful (especially the swim team) and the academics really helped ready me for college.
Most of the academic staff cared a lot about student learning and growth as people. I don't think there was ever a time for me where I felt that I couldn't reach out to any of my instructors for advice or help.
I enjoy sports. Our sports program is great. The teachers are average, they prepare us for college and that is it. there are a couple teachers I love. The kids are actually pretty mean, everything revolves around popularity. What can you expect tho, everybody is a beach bum. Most kids get good grades even if they are mean. I love basketball, our varsity boys team is the best team ever! They are about to play the 2nd round of the playoffs! They dominate!
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The school is very strict, so there's too any rules broken. There are many teachers who care about their students and who are helpful.
First Flight High School is a great school and I am very lucky to have gone here. The teachers and administration are very helpful and I feel very safe and secure in the walls of this school.
I liked how you could choose your classes and your schedule was very personalized. I would like to see a change in freedom for the students such as being able to use your phone is some classes and more time in the day to work on school work.
When I first moved here I thought that I would just be so alone but just on the first day of school I felt like I had been here forever. This school is incredibly accepting.
I would hope that they would stop changing the educational websites and sources that they use every year. They are trying to find the best learning sources but it is hard to learn when they keep changing them.
First Flight is an all around great school they have great teachers which allows us to learn a lot better and it just has a great environment.
I love my school!!! It has been a wonderful learning experience and great stepping stone for my future.
Majority of students and teachers are very kind. Quite laid back because there are rarely any problems. I feel extremely safe at school. It's a pretty small school so for the most part everyone knows everyone and is very friendly.
Since the area is very small and limited in population, diversity is a small portion of the school. With that being said, the population is very cliquey and tends to stick to only tight nit friend groups since birth. just have more school related events and integration between cliques will happen.
First Flight High School is an amazing school with great teachers that truly care about their students' academic success. We have many meaningful and challenging classes that prepare our students for college in the future. Our athletics are amazing and there are also a variety of different clubs/organizations for students to become involved in. Some of the teachers only give busy work, however the outstanding AP teachers make up for that. There also is a lack of diversity, there are too many cliques, and the cafeteria food is not the best.. Although these cons, First Flight has definitely seen improvement over the years and the success we have in academics, sports, and overall involvement makes up for the disadvantages.
I loved First Flight. I moved to Dare County my sophomore year and although I only spent three years there I had a great experience there. The classroom sizes were much smaller than what I was used to and I enjoyed the opportunity to have that one on one time with the teachers. My teachers were wonderful especially the band director. The band definitely gave me a home. I spent most of my free time in the band room. I participated in many after school activities like the plays and musical productions. There were so many clubs and activities to choose from and get plugged in with. And our soccer team was killer! I was provided with many opportunities to prepare me for college and the future.
Loved the small classes, individual attention from teacher. Loved the close knit community feel, knowing all the kids year after year. Loved the friendly casual atmosphere. Weaknesses include low budget, lack of opportunities for kids to explore options, trips, training that other large schools have.
Love my school! Thanks to my teachers for loving to teach and encouraging my classmates and I to excel academically with a certain amount of competition bringing out the best in all of us. My past experiences will enhance my future education.
First Flight High School is by no means a bad school. I wouldn't call anything perfect, but I also wouldn't call anything an absolute disaster. The school does immediately stand out for being made up of over 90% white students, but this lack of diversity doesn't lead to racism or ignorance, it's just an inevitable side effect to practically living on an island. However, I think the school is pretty luck to be blessed with a fairly new building, decent funding relative to its location, and some really genuinely great people as teachers. The lack of racial diversity and mediocrity of things such as food quality, selection of clubs/activities, and administration do keep the school from excelling to what I'd call 'outstanding'. It could certainly be much much worse at First Flight, but it's no Harvard.
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I love this high school! Everyone is so kind and helpful, the classes definitely prepare you for college and the workload isn't even that bad! You can take AP, College and Online classes.
Id like to see more diversity, more college readiness, more qualified teachers, and a more friendly student body.
I'm a senior at First Flight and I don't have any complaints. My teachers (as well as other staff) have always been very supportive and kind. It has its ups and downs like any other school, but it is an excellent school overall. Actually, the no phone policy is the only complaint I have. We should be able to use our phones when we're not in class. Other than that, everything is swell.
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