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As a senior at First Colonial High School I have had the opportunity to get to know many teachers and make lifelong friends. The staff honestly puts students first and makes sure that you are on track to graduate. The school is very diverse and accepting of everyone. I have played baseball for First Colonial since I was a freshman and I have learned so much from not only the coaches but the players. We have been taught how hard works pays off on and off the field. Graduation will be bittersweet as I know I will miss hanging out with teachers like Mr. Lane who I will always admire and consider a role model.
I just moved to Virginia Beach a year ago from Hot Springs Arkansas and First Colonial has been a healthy environment and I have found it easy to fit in.
First colonial high school is okay, but it could be better. I find that the administration office is very unhelpful to its students, along with guidance. Everytime I go into guidance my counselor is never there and when I leave a note nothing ever happens. Never been more frustrated in my life. The lunches at first colonial is awful as well the meal selection is very small its always between chicken or pizza everyday, it’s very rare to have another option on the menu.
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The Legal Studies Academy has given me varies opportunities to meet professionals in the legal and political fields. I would like to see more school spirit. This year, my senior year, I have seen the most school spirit I have ever seen because of my peers.
First Colonial high school is a very high academic successful school. It is pretty diverse non-violent school where the teachers and students honestly cares about your well being and wants to be successful
Great staff and teachers, always helping all they can. When I need something whether it is in or out of the classroom I can always find someone. The school is safe via our recourse officer and security team. The school also stays clean thanks to our custodian team. All my teachers are great and there is no disliking anyone. My councilor has helped me out all the way in the collage application and review process.
First Colonial High School consists of about 1,500 students. The school is located near the beach. First Colonial High School is also home of the Legal Studies Academy, which I am apart of. These students get to take field trips and hands-on explore the law and legal field. First Colonial has so many clubs and sports to offer to their students. Students at this school are also encouraged to volunteer and given opportunities to do so as well. Many life long friendships and connections are made at this school.
I liked most of the teachers, but so wish there were more after office hours with the teachers and more preparation for college.
it is an ok school that tought me how to get through the worst drama and to see that i can live with people who dont like me and that many people judge you for what you do and it still is a place that i would go to i wouldn't to go to any other high school
I love learning but hate the favoritism from staff. Also sports are very political and about who has the most money.
From my three years at FC, it is probably one of the best high schools in the 757 (Virginia Beach district). This school is filled with the best teachers of all different subjects, and the friendliest staff. With my experience in the LSA, I would say that it has helped me grow as a person exponentially. By helping me get out of my shell, it has helped me view the world in a completely different way. Overall, First Colonial High school is hands down an amazing school and I would encourage anyone who is thinking out about attending to go and do so.
I was a student within the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School and I enjoyed my experience in the classes attached to the academy. We were taught everything that people outside of the academy were being taught, but we did somewhat focus more on a law aspect within these classes. Also the community at First Colonial High School is so positive and welcoming that you honestly can be friends with everyone and anyone. I know for sure that in the academy though, we definitely were a family and we all cared about each other to the point where if anyone was ever in trouble they always had someone backing them up. Personally everyone I met, made a huge impact on my life, and they all got so close that I felt like I did have a second family. Also, at first colonial in the academy, it gives the school a very diverse population and I loved that as well.
Bizarrely, they treat the students, who understandably have no desire to be there, like children. This includes things such as bathroom passes.
First Colonial High School is very old. There are cockroaches everywhere as well as rat droppings in the culinary cabinets. The softball field’s outfield sucks, and so does the school. If it were to be rebuilt, it would be much better. The teachers are ok, but not great, and the food is bad.
Sports and athletics are great here. I spent time through many sports programs here and they make you love the sport. Every team is like a family. I was put in a good learning environment that gave me time to work on being a rounded kid, not just a school nerd.
i liked how certain teachers did their best to help students succeed with extra help offered during lunch and afterschool in addition to lunch being at the same time for all students. what i wish could be changed is bug control, variety of school lunch, ac/heater, and most importantly the diffusion of conflicts between students.
The teachers are very supportive and reasonable. They really try to help you and will sometimes offer test corrections. There is one lunch and it is 50 minutes long. The teachers offer you to come to their classrooms for help, makeup work, etc.
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First Colonial High School is a school I am proud to be a part of. Many laughs and important things have happen here at FC. I have played varsity softball for three years, and I am now in my fourth year of playing. Every school has things that could be better, but I still feel my high school experience is going great and could not see myself at another school.
I really like my school because it is a welcoming and diverse place. Movies and tv teach young people that high school is a place of bullying and drama, but at my school I've found that people are able to be who they are. Most of the teachers that I have had are great, however one thing that I would like to see improved is the guidance system. The counselors are generally unhelpful and don't really tell you what you need to know.
The teachers at this institution of learning are some of the most compassionate and qualified individuals which I have ever met. Every student matters to them and they are more than qualified in the knowledge of their subjects. The community here at FC cares for their own; the students, teachers, and parents of the school actively participate in academics and extracurricular activities in order to instill the values of leadership and good citizenship. The few drawbacks here are as follows. The school building has existed since about 1961, and is therefore old and outdated. While many Advanced Placement courses are offered, some of them are not, such as AP World History, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Physics C. Overall, I love this school and frankly wouldn't choose any other school if I had to relive my high school experience again.
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