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First coast high is an ok school. It’s mostly average. It has nice teachers & great diversity within the school & a great music & arts program!!
First coast is a very cultured school. Everyone gets along great and their is so many different races, religions, sexuality’s, and life styles I think it’s amazing! Our school this year just turned to a B school and I’m so proud of it. We have many clubs and programs starting with bible club and physics club and even a LGBTQ club. If you want a different perspective on the world and people come here!
My Experience Was Wonderful It Was An Experience I would Never Forget from 9th To 12th This School provided me with the tools and mechanics to be successful
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I just moved to Jacksonville Florida from Connecticut at the beginning of my senior year. So far things are going great, they were on top of transferring my information and I received part time. School work is average here. It isn't that challenging other than my pre calculous class. I'm going to graduate in a little less than 2 months and the best part about this high school is its partnership with Bold City Church. That church has become a new step in life.
First Coast High School is not as bad as many people make it out to be. You could think of First Coast High School as the bunch, and the one or two students as the the bad apples. The bad apples always ruin the bunch. I feel that if the school was a little harsher on students we wouldn’t have the those few making the whole school look bad. One good thing I can say is that teachers are really involved and care about the students well being. Our principal is a very motivational person who does his best to help get his students to graduation ready level.
My experience in First Coast High School is that its very educated and making sure that each single student is passing is their priority. They have a strict policy of having cell phones out in the hallways and during class because they want students to be productive on their school time. Their main goal is to make sure everyone passes and for their seniors their goal is to make sure everyone is graduation ready. They have the best counselors which help you out moslty 24/7 and they have good staff/security memebers.
First Coast High School is a very good school. I have attended all 4 years and I have had a great high school experience.
Once you get to know everyone the school is very fun! The issue comes in with the lack of interest in teaching from the staff.
First Coast High School is a good high school to attend. The teachers and administrators are very helpful in the process of excelling each year. The food is pretty standard and the students who attend are there to achieve their goals and extend on to college.
First coast like many other florida high schools is about average. The guidance office is often of little help and the school isn't the most helpful when it comes to college or career choices after you graduate. The school building its self is pretty and the school appears clean.
The school needs the teachers to be more involve with the students. School needs more security and needs to randomly checks with the students, last year it was too many students bring weapons to school.
My time here at first coast has been very intresting escpecially since im not from florida, adminstration could be better I feel like we could use some more order and guidance like for seniors and graduation. My favorite thing about FC is the band Ive been a dancer in the band since I got here, we got the best band in the land.
I been at first coast for almost 4 years now and we grow a lot but still a lot of work to do. first coast is the most diversity school I ever went to its a club for everything .
I love First Coast High School with a passion! Great People, wonderful staff. People really look out for others there, You always feel safe, when you know they have your back. One thing i wish they could change is the food choices. I honestly get tired of eating Pizza and Chicken tenders everyday. But that's besides the point, It's overall a good school.
What do I like about first coast is really everything I wouldn’t want to change nothing because my school is the best school anyone can ever ask for
First Coast High School is very diverse in races, social groups, and ethnicities. There are an abundance of activities, clubs, and teams at the school that anyone can be apart of. I would like to see more school-wide activities and socials in my school.
My experience at First Coast High School waa terrible from the administration to the teachers this school lacked structure and failed to allocate the importance of academics over sports.
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What I like about First Coast High School is the fun, happy, energetic people. Although most of the time none of us may not want to attend school we still do we still go and we’re accompanied by each other’s company.I’d like to see the communication with teachers and students change a lot.
It's am outside campus so which means really open for the public to tell if the school id being kept in tact. The one thing that needs to change is the skipping in the schools. It's too easy for kids to skip and also receive a great grade in a class they are skipping.
It was okay not the best but not the worst. Very close to home so it was easy to do after school activities
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