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My experience at First Coast High School was very scary at first but once I got use to the new environment it felt safe and a place I wanted to visit everyday. It was my place away from home. I wouldn’t change nothing about First Coast High.
The school had a very diverse campus with plenty of students from all walks of life. The campus is mostly outdoor but classrooms are indoors. There is an indoor lunchroom with outdoor seating as well as indoor. The campus itself is quite nice, but sometimes the faculty does not really prioritize well in my opinion. The teachers were respectful and friendly and mostly seemed as though they wanted you to succeed.
First Coast high school was the first school I ever attended in Florida. The school has great opportunities for their students. The staff is also great.
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My experience at First Coast High School has been great! I enjoyed the people and enhancing my knowledge here.
I have really enjoyed my time at First Coast High School. I have met some amazing people . My teacher's have been very helpful and encouraging. I feel once I graduate from school, I will be fully prepared for college.
Interactions between guidance consular need to improve. Despite that teachers are very kind and understanding.
First Coast is a really big school but once you find your way around it gets easier. The students there are more behaved then people have heard. At least this is my experience. The teachers are kind and honest with all students. They play no favorite games.
i love that they can teach us great. i WOuld like for them to clean the bathrooms and the hallways and give us better equipment and wifi for the kids phones.
The counselors were eager to answer any questions that one may have. The teachers will help you if you are willing to contribute towards you education. The principle has a statement for the school that contributes to the demeanor of the kids that attend. However, they should improve the cleanliness of the bathroom, classes, hallways and the lunch menus.
Resources are poor and out dated. The counselors run slowly and only get things done when being pressures or asked about many times. If planning to transfer here don't. They take long to input people into the system unless those who have families in the military
So far I have had an overall great experience at First Coast High School, I enjoy the diversity of students and the great staff at the school. Each and every last administrator at First Coast pushes every student to excel in whatever it is that they are doing wether it’s after school activity, sports, but most importantly our academics. Starting since my freshman year I have been on the football team, enrolled in AVID, as well as 5000 Role models of excellence. As I mentioned the 5000 Role Models of Excellence, First Coast offers many different after school activities and programs to keep you active and familiar with what’s going on at school. If I go back in time to my freshman year, I would have signed up for every single after school program I was eligible to do, plus it looks even better on your transcripts when applying yo college for them to see you active in programs such as these attempting to make a big change on not only the school but the world!
Overall it was a decent school. The teachers were helpful, my IEP accommodations were met without much hassle, and the food in the cafeteria was actually quite good. However there were some major issues. The first being the lack of student facilities. Finding a restroom that wasn't filthy took quite awhile. The second being the lack of extracurricular activities. There were only a handful of clubs to choose from. The third is that the school itself was just...dirty, especially the restrooms as mentioned above. However I feel I received a quality education and that's what is most important
During my tenor at that school, it was a horrible experience. I had to chase down my guidance counselors to get them to help me with my academic problems and that should change.
First Coast was a very open concept style school, I feel it could grow though in allowing students to be more social in the halls. I also feel like the administration could ease up on the students a bit especially in situations that have no reason being escalated.
Freshman year: It's either join or risk starting off slow. I recommend joining a club or sport. You get adjusted to the crowd and avoid the infamous "Clocktower". That is a place where you can either make yourself or get influenced.
Sophomore year: Same but at some point, you should have joined something or made yourself close with a teacher or staff. Keep going you're already a survivor of the first year.
Junior year: Your last two years were either good or bad. Your grades should be good despite this school being better in athleticism over academics.
Senior year: Enjoy the year!
The feel and the culture in this school is loud and present. Their are a hand full of teacher who could care less and it easy to walk on and off campus.
Well I moved here to this school the end of my junior year. At first I wasnt really into it but being in a program called AVID really helped me and showed me how us students and teachers can make eachother feel like family. Even when doing all the thing to prepare to to graduate and for college.
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This school is absolutely disgusting. The whole place is run down and it looks like no one is in a hurry to do anything about it. The restrooms are utterly atrocious, there is NEVER any soap, it's always a pleasant surprise whenever there is toilet paper in the restrooms towards the end of the school day. I will admit, the school lunches have gotten better, but they serve the exact same things everyday. The bullying and hostility here is ridiculous, and the new "policies" for fights but people who are just trying to defend themselves in a bad position. The only reason why I'm going here is because it's the only high school in the area, I hate it here.
The teachers are great and are extremely helpful in the classroom. I've only been there for about three months, and instantly felt as if I'd spent the whole school year there. The teachers make sure the students know what they're doing, and most students are cooperative to make the learning environment safe.
The faculty and staff at First Coast High School actually care about the success of the students that go there. They expect the most out of every student and never lets anyone be satisfied with below average.
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