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Absolutely loved the overall experience I gained from attending First Coast Christian. Not only do they try there best to involve God in every aspect of the schools involvement, but it is just over an awesome school to go to especially to prepare u for college and the real world.
I like the friends I have. I would like to see more available and understandable administrators. I really like the basketball team, but they don’t have a program or anything that exists for you to get scholarships. They don’t film the games to have sitting on a website.
I absolutely loved FCCS! I wish I came to this school earlier than I did. The staff there is so loving. They truly care for you and your student.
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Although this school has some good values, they hide the fact that some of the students there do not demonstrate a good Christian character. I’ve witnessed multiple students say and do some very innopropriate things. I do not recommend this school if you want your child to have a good Christian education.
Its very sad how much the school has gone down hill the past years. The school used to be an amazing school, but when the new administrator took over that all changed for the worse. For being a small school, there was a lot of drama, bullying that would go on. They would let "any students" in the school. Elementary was a good choice compared to jr/sr high. There were a few great teachers, but lately that just hire relatives. Nepotism is rampant from the top down. Sadly I do not see this school staying open much longer if they don't change anything. We finally took our kids out!
My experience in school was great until I got up to high school. The teachers and staff had double standards and didn't live up to what they taught. It was a christian school but the teachers certainly didn't live it out. I would love for the management and teachers to do better and learn to teach better.
My experience here is overall good. i am currently a junior and have been in this school since kindergarten. I also had/have 5 other siblings that have attended.
It was really well and they aceptes me for who I am and made me feel like family and I made lots and lots of friends there unlike my older school in Pennsylvania where I used to live and I did not like it at all and down here in Florida it has been a much better life for me and I would like to thank this school for making me feel good.
I love the entire atmosphere of my school and how we are all close as a family and it's a christian environment where we can worship God freely without being judged or looked at differently. The only thing I would change is giving me and my peers a better variety of better and healthier food choices for us to eat. The administration is great and our teachers are awesome because they stay after hours to make sure we have extra help with assignments.
First Coast is a great school academically. The teachers there take the time to invest their lives into each and every student while demonstrating the Christian walk. I'd like to change the structure of the physical building to make its look better or even new lockers or a new football field.
Most of the staff and teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. They seem like they actually want to help your child grow, not just as a student, but as a prominent Christian and a member of society. Their fundamentals rest in the Bible and good attitudes in life.
I've only been at First Coast for two years and have liked my stay there. The teachers and students are nice and it is just a great place to learn. This is my third year and I am excited as a junior.
Sports kept me going. Ive never experienced the life of a public school, so FCCS is all Ive ever known. You definetly have a few teachers who truly care about their student, and with them you will form trustworthy bonds.
As a parent of 3 FCCS grads I am very pleased with the education they received. Dedicated teachers help the students learn, not only academics, but also personal responsibility & accountability to prepare them for college & for life outside the school walls. They teach from a Biblical Worldview - learning the Word of God & how it is applicable to daily life. The school offers an excellent band & chorus program & many opportunities for involvement in sports & extra-curricular activities. There is a strong family-atmosphere, and the faculty & staff care very deeply about each individual student. Some of the best teachers at FCCS have a history of longevity of 10, 15, 18 or more years. If a student graduates from FCCS not prepared for college, It is because the student didn't put in the work & take advantage of what was offered to him / her. My children have succeeded in college & are succeeding in life thanks to the great education they received at FCCS.
First Coast Christian is a very well organized advanced school. It's a pretty good school I'd recommend you to put your child in. Not only that, it's a very Christian environment all round. They are very kind, they maintain it a safe school & its also a strict school which is good. But they don't have many sports,or activities. So if you're looking into that I wouldn't recommend. They focus more on the education part & invest more into that, which isn't bad.
I liked that the teachers really helped you along when I was attending the school. I liked all of the fun activities. I wish that they had more arts opportunities when I attended. The food in the cafeteria was not too bad.
Through all my years at FCCS (6-12) a lot has changed. Starting my ninth grade year we had just introduced ipads so i'd like to think we are very technological advanced considering our finances. Most of the teachers i had really tried to make sure that you understood material well and that you were never left behind. While i'm very grateful for this i know that college won't exactly be the same to say the least. The teachers really challenged you, but only to push you to do what they knew you could. My school is like a small family working together to reach success, making sure no ones left behind. If i could change anything it would just be that they might prepare us for college a little better than they do. Also that dual enrollment be made free for my school since that's the point of it. I'd love to see more kids have an opportunity to better themselves and further their education.
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Over the years the environment of the school has become more and more negative. Bullying is common, and it's obvious which students a teacher likes/doesn't like. The school has added more security measures, but that does not make the students feel more safe.
Club/Activities are limited. While the music programs of this school are good, there isn't much else to do.
Overall I do not like this school. While there are some teachers that make learning enjoyable, most do not. Academics are subpar and passing classes is just a matter of memorizing the correct information. The attitude of the administration is very arrogant. They are quite stubborn about how they want to run things and are not willing to change. The school spirit is pretty negative. It isn't uncommon to hear a student say, "I hate this school."
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