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I love attending First Baptist Christian school. The staff is the best and everyone is always so willing to help!
Personally, I had a great experience at First Baptist. The teachers were always there to lend a hand when needed. The principle, Mrs. Nelson, was always so understanding and helpful. I always felt like I had a voice there and that my personal needs were always met.
This is a great school to enhance the Christian education and environment outside of the home. The teachers are always willing to help the students with any problems academically or within the personal lives of the student. The staff genuinely cares about each and every one of their students. Overall a great school to send your children for a great education along with a Christian learning environment.
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This school was such a family environment. The classes are small but this allows for close relationships with classmates and teachers and everyone truly cares about each individual student there.
Excellent quality education!!! This is my daughter’s second year attending First Baptist and I wouldn’t trust her growth and education to anyone else. Most of the teachers and the Principal are dedicated to the students and want to see them succeed. My daughter previously attended a private school for elementary school and public school (in Slidell) for middle school. The public school school experience was the worst ever and felt I had to remove her from that environment to save her life... literally. She is thriving at First Baptist. She makes mistakes as any teenager would, but the rules are appropriate for the offense. Also, the school is open to creating a diverse student body. I think the school experience is what you put into it. Great job First Baptist on educating our students and teaching them to grow spiritually.
My child attended 1st grade here and it was a long year. The teacher was very impatient and sent notes home constantly about issues that seemed insignificant. The work load was insane for 1st grade and I felt like kids could not be kids. We had several conversations with the teacher and principal and unfortunately nothing changed. Our child did very well with grades but there has to be some time for the kids to be able to act like kids, not robots.
CULTURE: They adhere to rules first atmosphere. The word "Obey" is constantly used to describe expected behavior & blind obedience is the main goal, not mutual respect. It's very much "Rules for rule's sake." The teacher had 1 method to "deal" with children & wouldn't adapt to get better results. The school would call for the smallest issue instead of handling it themselves. Also the code of conduct was inconsistent & confusing to our student. ACADEMICS: Curriculum is rigorous & taxing, more so than most public schools. It's not necessarily a bad thing; however, the entire curriculum is faith based & a bit much for a 6 yr old. Memorizing/quoting scripture about coveting neighbor's wife or ox seemed heavy for 6. Our daughter sounded like a mindless robot reciting verses. The school lacks a creative learning environment. Instead, classes line pupils desks with a"Preacher"up front. I had hoped that we evolved past these archaic ways of learning. I do not recommend the school to anyone.
I have loved my experience at First Baptist. The classes are small but it is really nice because you can create good one on one relationships with the teachers and are super close with your classmates. It is a great school education, preparing you for college, and also growing your relationship with the Lord. I love kids and a movie able to invest in the elementary kids and be a leader to them as well as junior high and highschool. The only thing that I would change is that we could get bigger building so that we can grow our school and other people cam enjoy the school just like I have.
I have had four children graduate from this school, after starting in 1st grade. Three of my children received full or partial scholarships and academic awards that allowed them to go to college. The school is not perfect, but there is a general consensus to achieve academic excellence and to develop the whole child. If you are looking for an environment that encourages community, one where students are led to be their best and teachers and staff truly care about the students and their families, this is where you need to go.
This school is really great for those wanting to receive a Christian-oriented education. The teachers are extremely nice and well-educated. The school is continually growing and improving for the betterment of the student body. Truly, no other school would care as much for its students as this one. As I approach graduation, I can only hope that the school continues to grow its student body but does not lose its focus on the students as it progresses. Overall, this school is great for kids who want to truly pursue education to the fullest.
First baptist has allowed me to carry on a personal relationship with my classmates and allowed my teachers to spend more time with each student. This school gives students opportunities that most other kids would not get. The faculty at this school genuinely care for each student personally and academically.
I only went to First Baptist for a year but in that year I made awesome friends and the teachers were really nice. I was very welcomed and felt as if I belonged.
The school is very easy. It tended to be a mixture of devoutly religious families, many of whom go to church here, and troubled kids that had been kicked out of local public schools. The teachers and administration are easy to manipulate. The education is subpar. As a senior in high school I felt like I could get away with anything and that I was just relearning what I'd learned in public jr. high (which is saying a lot because LA public schools are pretty bad compared to the rest of the country). I probably wouldn't have graduated if I hadn't come here, so I am grateful for that. But I learned nothing.
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