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I love that the First Baptist Academy is not just a school. It is one big happy family. Teachers are more like mentors and peers are more like brothers and sisters.
We have been very pleased with the teachers and staff. We are thankful for the hands on attention our kids get. The Christ centered atmosphere is what drew us there.
The overall atmosphere of this school is goodnatured but falls short of providing the needed support and proper attention to students needs. It doesn't offer a large range of courses to facilitate inspiration for future career paths. The small classroom sizes allowed for a closer working relationship between students and teachers.
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When I first started attending First Baptist Academy, I thought this would be a amazing fine arts school with amazing people, and I can confidently say this is not at all the school you might think it is. I will start off to say id you are not a athlete, you shouldn't attend this school, the band has less than 20 people and alot of the people are lazy and take band for a easy A. Because of the low interest in fine arts, if you aren't an athlete, you are treated less and not with the group. There are alot of Hippocrates within the school, along with drugs. The academics are outdated along with the technology, there are alot of teachers who are biased and will like and not like people for no reason, and there is the minority population of teachers who genuinely care. The work they give is not really teaching you much, it is not hard, but its tedious work that will not prepare you for collage and doesn't give you a good work ethic. I don't recommend this school.
FBA is an ideal school is you want to keep your children sheltered and are unbothered by hypocrisy. The teachers make a decent effort to give you a mediocre education, but do care about each student's life and moral well being. There is no bullying, but the school has a lot a lot of cliques. Unless you are a narrowminded conservative Caucasian who only expects their child to be involved with athletics and not anything else , I would take my money elsewhere.
I liked how the teachers took an interest in each student's individual success and made an effort to help each and every student. What I would like to see change is the culture among the students. I would like to see more students caring and showing love towards one another instead of tearing each other down.
I'm forever thankful for my time at FBA. I came to First Baptist Academy my freshman year of high school & I'm so glad I did! The teachers, faculty, & staff have all exceeded my expectations & continue to go above & beyond to encourage, help, & prepare me!
First Baptist Academy offers a chance for students to be challenged in their academic studies while making new friends in a Christ-centered environment. The teachers care about each individual student and the students feel as if they are a part of a family instead of just a school. The athletic opportunities also allow students to become well-rounded as they grow academically.
I enjoy my years at FBA. It has molded me into an educated Christian woman. I have developed friendships with student and faculty. The changes I need to is the options of scholarships the school provides for kids to participate in the curriculum
I enjoyed my time at FBA. Teachers really want their students to succeed. Sports are very competitive and have many winning traditions. The friends I made are friends for life. FBA really prepares their students for college spiritually and academically.
I have enjoyed my 7 years at FBA Pre-K 4 through 1st Grade and throughout the 4 years of my high school career. It is a good environment with great teachers who are involved in their students lives.
I like it because of how its not public school, but in all honesty first baptist academy high school and middle school heavily resemble a reform school, half the kids here are not religious and are either sex, alcohol, or drug addicts, and the transfer students that come here typically come because they were kicked out of public school. The school is highly hypocritical, I wouldn't wish this school on my worst enemy, but its a good school if your in 5th grade or under but besides that its horrible.
I have attended First Baptist Academy for four years. The teachers are very personable and love their students. The administration tends to be slightly biased towards faculty's and donor's children.
I love this school SO MUCH!!! I have attended FBA every since I was a little girl, and have grown so much not only in my academic life but in my spiritual life. I have built so many life-long relationships with my teachers and friends that I will cherish with me all the way through college. This school is a great way to get plugged in with anything you're interested in, and the teachers here genuinely care about you, and your life. 10/10 recommend.
I have gone to First Baptist Academy since the age of 3 and have enjoyed it every year. The family environment paralleled with stellar academics and an ever competitive athletic program allow for an exceedingly positive learning and schooling atmosphere. In my opinion I have received the best education I possibly could have, and if I had a chance to do it all again I would.
I have attended First Baptist Academy since I was in 6th grade. The teachers really care about their students in academics and their personal lives.
I love this school it is a great way to get your high school education and the sports here are amazing. everything about it is amazing.
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First Baptist Academy is a great place for younger education. With a newer high school, there are still some transitions that are underway. There are also some transitions with administration that are changing FBA for the better.
I like the support from all the teachers, coaches, and students. More clubs and activities that we can get involved in.
First Baptist Academy is a well rounded private christian school with kind and professional teachers and coaches. I would highly recommend this school for all ages K-12 especially if you want to raise your child in a school that embodies Christ.
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