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Firm Foundation Christian School Reviews

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I liked the environment . The students there are always friendly, and the teachers are very helpgul.
Our school does a great job of educating students and presenting a strong Christian view. However, there is a tone of legalism that limits the school's appeal to those who yearn to be active in their faith, not just follow rules.
This school has been amazing for my education. I have learned lots, not just academically, but I have learned life long skills such as people skills, work ethics, and so much more. It will be bittersweet to leave this place.
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Firm Foundation is a very small school but the relationships you make there are great. The teachers care about you and since it is a small school help is more available.
I enjoyed my time there as a middle school student. My freshmen year was my favorite year. After that I felt that the administration and teachers were to controlling of the learning environment. I didn't feel free to voice my opinions and if I did they were not listened to.
Teachers are willing to help and generally care about us alot.
Just little kid bullying, security is the teachers since we are so small.
Very small. Friendships are what keeps me going.
Very strick on dress code. We rarely have bullying. Attendance is looked at since we are a small school.
We are a very small school so we have little sports and with the small amount of highschool students it is very hard to do any extracurricular activites.
The majority of teachers at Firm Foundation Christian School are amazing. They not only care about your education but your personal life and growth. They are, usually, very proficient in the subject at hand and their passion for teaching makes students want to explore and understand new ideas. While there are a few teachers at Firm Foundation Christian School who are only average, most of the teachers continue to improve their curriculum and work to love, teach, and guide the students that they work with.
The food is like any cafeteria food you might find at a high school. There is a good amount of variety but the options are not usually very healthy or especially appetizing. Some examples of main dishes include nachos, chicken burgers, pizza, etc. As someone with food allergies, I almost never ate the food at FFCS, unless it was from the salad/fruit bar. However, the pizza and chicken nuggets seemed to be popular among other students.
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