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Finley Farms Elementary School Reviews

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I love their academics, it is top notch in my opinion. My daughter has learned so much from just a few months of attending this school. She excels in Reading and Math and they provide her with challenging materials which I love. I am very pleased with the staff and they have been very supportive so far.
I feel very safe and confident that my daughter is in a safe and taken care of by the school. The school staff are very helpful when there are issues or concerns when it comes to illnesses and takes proper and quick precautions to make sure everyone is okay.
My daughter has attended multiple extracurricular activities and she has enjoyed them. There are many choices to choose from and it is great for parents to engage their kid with other activities besides classroom work. My daughter has really enjoyed their art and running club.
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I love the culture of this school. They have various events thrown all throughout the school year and there is always a great turnout. It is a neighborhood school so it is really nice to see the other kids from our neighborhood as well. The parents are very involved with their kid's events at school and it shows by how much support they provide the school.
I LOVE my daughter's teacher. It is her first year attending this school (moved from out of state) and I was relieved that she has transitioned really smoothly, thanks to her teacher. Her teacher has a very positive energy and motivates my daughter to do her best. She also challenges my daughter which is great since she has the potential to do more.
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