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Fieldcrest High School Reviews

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Fieldcrest High School is a great school to attend. One thing I did not like about it is the building is not up to date. I enjoyed playing multiple sports and got along great with my classamtes.
Fieldcrest is in a gray area for opinions; I enjoy the things that I am a part of however the way instances have gone down is questionable. Students here are typically all involved in at least one extracurricular and most do well academically. The building itself is showing her age, and we lose a lot of learning time due to heat dismissals and snow days.
This is a great opportunity for students like myself, looking for financial means in order to receive a valuable education.
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I feel that our school is fairly accepting, but the more popular kids are more susceptible to peer pressure.
The teachers are all excellent and very intelligent. I feel that some could improve on their communication, and then students would learn better. The class scheduling is pretty simple for the most part, and teachers are willing to work with you if a class does not fit in your schedule.
Our school safety has for the most part not been threatened. We experienced a few issues this year with students threatening to bring in weapons, but they were stopped. There is some bullying that occurs, but those being bullied seek out help for the most part. We do not have a school police officer, but when the threats occurred, the police were close by in the parking lot. We do have drug dogs that come in randomly and also random drug testing. The exterior doors lock when it is not passing period, and we have many security cameras. I think our school is not the safest school in the world. If we had metal detectors and had an ID scanner for the students, I would feel safer.
I participate in most of the clubs offered at Fieldcrest High School. Key Club, National Honor Society, and Student Council are the clubs that are students helping other students and the community. They all include a lot of responsibilities and are of fantastic quality. I am also in drama club, and it was just established as a club this year. I anticipate that they will do more with the club next year. We have always had a fall play and spring musical, and I have participated in two plays and three musicals thus far. These things are all supported by administrators, but we raise our money in band and drama because there is not enough money to go around. Our athletic programs are of good quality and have a large participation. Football and basketball are the largest organizations.
My time at Fieldcrest has been positive. My favorite times have been participating in marching band, Key Club, and National Honor Society. We are all close, as it is a small school, and this allows for a lot of fun times in all of the clubs that I am in. Fieldcrest is unique because of the tightly knit community. The teachers want the best for us, and they try their hardest to teach us. I would choose this school if I had to go to high school all over again because the learning environment is great. Everyone is among friends at Fieldcrest. There are a lot of things to do after school, and I know that if I ever need help with something, I can find a teacher willing to help.
I would say that all of the teachers are of good quality, interested in the students consistent in grading and knowledgeable. Some have teaching styles that are hard to understand because they are teaching difficult material and are not presenting it in the best way. Communication skills while teaching is not excellent in certain classes, but for the most part, it is adequate. Several teachers have a teaching style that is set in stone, and you have to adapt to them. Teachers not adapting to students adds another challenge to learning, and I had success with those teachers, but those that refused to change or just could not adapt did not have much success.
The buildings were out of date, and some teachers were rude, but overall it was a good school to get my high school education at.
We have a Dean of Students who holds a high standard of all the students.
We don't have a lot, but we also don't have all the sports available to us. For the sports we do have though, they are kept well and work hard to have what we have earned.
I loved the clubs and organizations in high school. It was an incredible experience and the leaders were amazing.
They work hard to give us a great education, however, they don't have all the resources to create that. They do everything they can for the students.
Not a lot of variety of different foods, same lunch for every student. Not all food always tastes good
They go a little overboard on dress code restrictions.
I loved having a small town education I was able to be very involved.
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We have weight training classes in the morning for those wishing to improve their fitness.
There are some lunches that everyone loves, but most of the time, the lunch isn't enough for teenagers. Sometimes it seems as though we didn't get enough food and the a la carte section is quite expensive for high school kids.
Teachers are very personable and create connections with students that last after high school. They are knowledgable and willing to help.
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