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Field Kindley High School Reviews

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I would like to see some change in activites but i like the clubs. I hate hate the constant time changes. The blending of the school is okay. I really wish there was less advisery classes.
Field kindley high school is a wonderful school. My experience here has been awesome. One of the best things my school has is that we are very competitive school. During my high school experience I’ve had a few teachers who aren’t the best but at the same time there are teachers that are very passionate to see us succeed. Our school handles diversity very well. One thing that I would do to make my school better is that I would add college preparation classes because it would be very helpful to all seniors going to college.
What I have enjoyed most about high school has been how involved I can get with sports, clubs and other school activities. The teachers have helped me tremendously in preparing me for the next step in life and I couldn't ask for a better school.
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I liked how the students were so considerate of each other. The teachers are very helpful and explanatory.
My experience at Field Kindley High School was one I will never forget. The encouragement from my teachers and other staff members was always so helpful and they would always make sure their students were succeeding with their short term goals so they can graduate and achieve more goals when they arrived at the college of their dreams. I was not only involved with sports (tennis and track) I was also involved in choir; which I would learn songs and take them to state to sing for singing judges. This school broke me out of my shy bubble and I recommend it to anyone considering going!
Field Kindley high school could be made so much better if they had a better budget for actual academics.
The best thing I like about going to school at Field Kindley is the community you get to be involved in. Field Kindley Golden Tornado has a family named the Nado Family and we all [students] take pride in our school by being in this family. We spread our news through social media so it isn't hard for parents to be involved or be in the know about events. One thing I wish could be better about this high school is having more college readiness and being given more opportunities to discover and research colleges. We do have some things to help us with college but I do feel as though we can take a step further in that direction. With saying all of this I, without a doubt, would not want to go to any other high school.
having a school nurse is great. the safety protocols are all in place but believed by the students to be ineffective
it is definitely a place to learn. about just about everything secular
Most of the teachers teach traditionally. But a few classrooms have a flipped class where the students work during the school day and do thier lessons at home
I would not trade my high school experience for anything. My friends were the greatest, and my teachers were there for me. My choir was the best, my director was so old fashioned that the class was worth taking. We were from a crap town, but the choirs had so much heart, and the community would never notice because the arts are fading, but choir made high school for me very enjoyable.
The teachers are great, they care about the students needs and effectively try to come up with news ideas to better help the students learn
Coming out of high school I really didnt know what to expect, I know they tried to make the transition easy, but it wasn't. Students were babies too much, and practically thrown out of the "nest." I wasn't prepared, and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning more than I'm flying.
Select choirs are of high quality, much more than mediocre, thanks to the commitment of the students involved.
Most coaches are really supportive of the players, without my coaches I would have given up my sport and friends as well. Depending on the sport, the school spirit will vary, football and basketball are the most prevalent sport activities, whereas the volleyball, swimming, and wrestling are more on the opposite spectrum.
The school's policies are ridiculous and stupid. They don't really understand that they are responsible for teens and not adults. Some of the staff could not care less about students. The dress code is never enforced, but only on those people who don't even dress immoderately.
Some of the curriculum should be changed for classes like English or science, but there isn't much to change. There just needs to be improvement to help students understand more.
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Our school is very old, however new things are build in and for the school. A new health clinic is being built. We have technology being installed. The library and some class rooms could use a lot of improvement. But we have what we need. Tutoring is available, but it's just easier to ask for help after school or some time during class.
A lot of the teachers take their jobs seriously. Some do not seem qualified, or should be teaching for that matter. The math teachers are pretty good. We have good science and English teachers as well.
The food at our cafeteria claims to be making healthy choices for students, but they are not. They choose to have undercooked and nasty pizza instead of the fake or processed chicken strips. The portions hardly satisfy you and there aren't many options. We have to pay more to get extra.
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