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It is a rural high school that has limited resources, but uses those resources wiser than most school districts.
Field High School is a High School in The Field Local School District. It is a really great place to be. The Teachers go above and beyond Out of Their Way to help a student in need. The only Complaint I Have is the Cafeteria Food, but it's Tolerable. But Otherwise it's a great place to be, if you show respect it will go flying back to you!
They have 4H clubs, girl scouts,boy scouts , sports and language clubs.
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I think that the teachers are very involved with thier students. In school and out of school.
Everyone is great in the school. Always willing to help the students. The coaches are awsome. I' m very proud of our schools .
There are quite a few clubs to join. For example quiz bowl, which is run by a history teacher. He is very committed to helping the members practice and learn. The school provides ample money for busing to competitions.
The drama program is amazing and feels like family. Every club you get into, you instantly feel welcome and you make new friends. This school isn't really split up into a bunch of clicks, most people can and will talk with anyone.
Most of the teachers friendly and knowledgeable
Field is an extreamly safe school. We have very little violence and the need for extensive safety precautions is non-existent.
We have several sport teams and all are welcome to join. National Honors Society is a prestigious group that only accepts the top twenty candidates. We have Teen Institute which is teens against drugs alcohol and sex, yearbook, HPAC , community service, and student council.
I truly love Field but the current grading scale doesn't weight any honors, advanced placement or dual enrollment classes. This has caused me to drop from one of the eight valedictorians to tenth in the class.
The teachers at Field high school are extreamly qualified and truly care about the students. They are available to help throughout the day and are patient with helping students to understand the content.
There are students who participate in after school activities, but there are still a lot that don't. As far as administration support, there are a lot of sports that are favored over club activities or the arts such as band, choir, art, etc. Therefore, sports get much more support.
My experience at this school was made great by the staff. I never felt neglected or alone. They were always willing to help me. They taught me academics for sure, but they also taught me about life and how to grow and develop into an adult.
Ninety-nine percent of the teachers at field are awesome. I look up to them and respect them because of how much they have helped me grow.
I feel that the school has put in new measures regarding security in the past few year. Locked doors and emergency notification.
Due to funding the extracurricular are somewhat limited and the filed and track are not updated often. Parents and students to pitch in to help with different updates and repared.
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We have had 4 students at Field. One is currently at the county vocational school. We were very involved with our oldest children in the school and other activities. It is a small community school which has it's benefits and draw backs. The lack of funding has definitely effected the educational opportunities. Our oldest child went to Field until high school and then went to a Catholic high school. I definitely feel that he had more opportunities and choices for after school activities. Much of what a child puts into school is what they get out of it. Our daughter was disengaged with high school but has done amazing in her first semester at college and is getting ready to start her second semester.
Field High School is in a small community. Many of the teachers are from the community. They have either grown up in the area or they are raising their families here. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult for the school to get a levy past in our area so funds are very limited. I feel that many of the teachers treat the students as their own family and are committed to the education of our students. Of course, there are a few teachers that need to retire but overall Field is a great community focused school.
I really enjoyed going to Field. During my time there I was the Cross Country captain, homecoming king, and broke a school record in track. I always enjoyed being in class and the student body was very accepting.
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