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I love my school! I am involved in National Honor Society and the Peer Mentoring program and through it I have met amazing people and have learned how to work well with others and expand my academic understanding altogether. Though I have had a few problems with some teachers when it comes to my understanding of the curriculum, in general, each department has a couple of exceptional teachers who are willing to help students from other classes besides their own.
The staff was great. Always took the time to help when needed. The course selection was ok, but would've been nice to have more options as far as electives go. The campus is secure, and is currently undergoing more updates.
I have been in the Festus School District ever since Kindergarten. Growing up in the district, I have had many teachers support and encourage me to do my best. I have been pushed to excel and succeed by many. I love how well our education program is.
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Festus is an okay School they have great planning with events and I have a lot of fun with extra activities.
After transferring from another school to Festus Senior High School, I stand astounded by the positive nature of this high school. Mainly all teachers and faculty staffs brimmed sunlight and rays of laughter. I stood quiet for the first two years of Festus and the last two years I venture out and converse with most the of members creating a unique sort of friendship. Not only do the staffs provide a cushion of friendliness, the teaching are quite well done by the teachers own standard. The information from my AP classes were simply amazing. Sweating blood and tears, the AP teachers managed to forge their own ways of teaching while following a strict curricular of AP classes. By allowing such a different array of teaching, I managed to learn so much from the AP classes which I definitely recommend picking up the AP classes at the cost of a load of homework which will indeed be used in the future.
My experience at Festus High School was good overall. I enjoyed the sports teams that I was a part of. The school itself needs to be larger and class selections could always be better.
Festus High School was an alright school, a place I would send my children in the future. The teachers are willing to help students move up in classes and will stick their necks out for you. Most of the administration is wonderful, accept for one. What the administration needs to understand is that music is not a way for students to get distracted, but a way for them to work.
Festus High schools has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. They have so many clubs and groups, that I've met a very diverse group of people. The teachers are great as well, they teach us so much and despite the stress we put on them from time to time, they handle us very well. We learn so much and that is what makes our school very special, because we don't just want to graduate, we want to succeed. This is why Festus High School is the best and why it's students will always strive to succeed in their everyday life.
Festus has great diversity and it is growing a lot. Academic level of the students is number one in the county.
Need a more positive involvement from parents
Our school resource officers are very good at what they do and make us feel pretty safe within our school. They break up fights, and they always head the drug search to keep our campus safe.
High school education at Festus is good. There are Very many opportunities to do it yourself and learn how to help people.
The parents of high school students act mostly like their children. Kids who are mean or bully other kids also have bully parents. Not many other things, like academic team or speech and theatre get a lot of parent support.
Teachers seem to not notice bullying and other situations, and the counselors do not make a big help with issues of bullying and other issues between students.
The band is very good, but the directors are okay. Overall, it beats the other band experiences in the area.
For every great teacher, there is a not-so-great teacher.
The health and safety policies at the school are good. I feel very safe and there are plenty of resources to help me do that.
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Our clubs and organizations are a big part of our school. The staff participation is a must in order for a club or organization to thrive. Most students involvement is at a high participation rate. There are variety of clubs from Spanish to Renaissance. The clubs Love to participate in community service and making sure the club can be the best it can be.
This school is great. Our academic successes are outstanding. I would definitely recommend the school to any newcomers, because our teachers and staff really do care and want each student to be successful. We have variety of clubs and organizations that strive to help the community and people around. Our sports organizations especially track and field and cross country are top notch. A lot of the athletes end up going to state and placing.
The teachers and staff are awesome. We have one of the top academic standings in the county. We take our education very seriously and it is recognized.
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