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Fertile-Beltrami Secondary School Reviews

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Fertile-Beltrami has an excellent teaching staff that prepares you for life after high school, they aren't just teaching for the test, they are thinking about the rest of your life.
Small class sizes gave me the opportunity to connect with my teachers and peers which helped me learn and grow as an individual.
We have some good teachers, and not so good. The ones that are good are REALLY good and the ones that are BAD are plan old bad. Teaching styles are pretty average I would say.
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We have a lot of opportunities, thank goodness. Sports dominates the opportunities, but there's knowledge bow, theater, yearbook, and etc.
At my school, there are not language class opportunities and that's something I would've really liked to have taken this year. I would want to go to school with more options.
There is no student culture diversity. There is some peer pressure to drink alcohol but I don't. There hasn't been a lot of sexual orientation diversity.
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