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Too many kids with bad attitudes and influence. Sometimes the students disrespect the teachers and slow down progress. Drug and alcohol use is common.
Honestly, most things in the school were fine. My biggest problem came with how the students treat each other, but that's a school culture thing and it can be fickle to deal with.
A safe and loving place to be . Students do not have to worry about being bullied.and good teachers and class rooms. Huge and motivating gym with equipment. The nurse is super helpful. Seniors greeting at the door in the mornings. They even have free breakfast week for students who have to pay.
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Really good. Its clean for the most part, great music program. Teachers are nice and have cool students there too!
great teachers and great students, all of my teachers are always helpful and supporting to me. I love their sports program, they may not always be winning everything, but they are always a blast to watch play
Ferris is a school that truly helps students grow to their full potential. With a strong support system from the staff, administration and teachers alike, well-established educational departments, and an overall friendly school culture, I could not ask for a better high school to attend. One thing I especially love is the commitment the parents have, involving themselves in fundraisers like Ham on Regal, and the commitment the teachers have, providing continual support to all students.
at ferris high school my experience has been pretty great, i have been accepted into my choir class with open arms like a family, in our school we love the arts and when you are in one you always have people to support you, especially my choir teacher she is amazing.
I have absolutely loved attending Ferris High School. I am very involved in the school through sports, music, leadership, and various clubs. I feel I have recieved an amazing high school experience while attending Ferris. I really enjoy the atmosphere and I feel that the whole school is a big, supportive community. Whenever we have large school events, you will find many students and faculty members at the events, supporting the school. Win or lose, we always stay together. The teacher strive hard to make the students have the best experience. Most of the teachers I have had made an effort to make sure every student was getting the help they needed. Overall, Ferris is an amazing school filled with supportive, and helpful people.
I admired the courtesy of the faculty and the passion every teacher had for his or her subject area. Teachers were devoted to their respective curriculums and were always willing to assist students with their work.

Under the dedicated supervision of security guards, I never felt in danger. I always had a sense of reassurance that safety was prioritized above all else. It was regarded with the utmost care and diligence by all faculty members.

The sheer variety of sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities offered by Ferris High School provided immense diversity to the student population and resulted in a feeling of community and fellowship with those that shared mutual interests.

What I would like to see changed is the passing period having an increased duration. It seems that the administration responsible for the duration of this time is unaware that students must also have time enough to at least use the restroom and make it on time to their respective classes.
While at Ferris high school, I felt that the atmosphere at the school was awesome, and it gave you a sort of safety that high school is not what it is stereotyped to be. I felt that the academics, as well as the teachers, were extraordinary. Going to sporting events were fun, as Joel E. Ferris takes tremendous amount of pride in their school.
Ferris high school is just about as good as a high school can get. The teachers and faculty are nice, there are very diverse friend groups between everyone, but I do wish there was open campus. Ferris is located in a very diverse area of different restraunts. It would be fun to be able to leave campus during lunch to get some food that is better than what the school can serve us. Not only does it satisfy the kids, it helps with the businesses located near Ferris.
Throughout my high school years, my experiences at Ferris High School have been very great. Coming into high school as a freshman was frightening as I was entering the school from a home school program. Although I faced this challenge, the school was very welcoming. Since freshman year I have participated in band and it has opened up so many new opportunities for me and has broadened my perspective of the world. The music program at Ferris is one of the many excellent aspects of the school in addition to others. At Ferris, the ASL program for international students is a significant part of the school. Furthermore, programs that aid special needs students are also a valuable feature that the school provides. The culture Ferris brings is very advantageous to both the city of Spokane and it's students. Overall my experience at Ferris High School has been very special to me and I would not change any part of the past few years.
I liked a lot of the students there and most of the staff members. I was very involved in the music program. Ferris has an excellent music program which they are known for.
Excellent, a lots of advisement and high quality instructors..............................................................................................
The advanced courses are taught by competent enough teachers. The facilities have air conditioning and such. Mediocre food.
Overall a good high school experience.
There are several great teachers who are very invested in their students. There is a large variety of extracurricular activities and electives for students to choose from including an excellent music and performing arts program. There is a high focus on helping students choose post high school plans so they have the support there if they need it.
My experience has been wonderful. The teachers are, for the most part, friendly am deathly knowledgeable. There are many different class options, including a fantastic AP program.
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At ferris high school, where the school is so big, you walk past people everyday you don't know. The thing about that, is you have your people, people you grew up with, and people just like you. All of them stick with you throughout. No need for drama with other people. You cling to eachother, do everything together. School activities, even more fun with them!
The teachers are wonderful also... well, for the most part. Throughout my years there, I realized some teachers I connected really well with, others...not so much. Some want things exactly their way, or no way at all, others listen and help you find alternate routes to your problems. High school wasn't anything like the way high school musical portrayed it to be, but I still enjoyed learning new things everyday and going at the pace I felt was best.
Most the teachers are really nice and helpful. They are willing to give students extra help. Most the classes are very interesting and useful. It can be difficult to deal with administration sometimes.
I liked the teachers they are nice and they care about your education. Plus, I liked seeing people's reactions when telling my cringy puns. There are many talented students. Ferris could work on organization. Seriously, the Valedictorians got a medal that said 2025 instead of 2017. They should got back to Pipeline pizza, it's better than Piza Rita.
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