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I attended Ferris High School 2017-2018 school year and was amazed at the type of support the teachers and principal provided. In al my school years I have never had the guidance and support that this school provided me. Teachers listen while being the catalyst that motivating me. The principal supported me with out prejudice and free from any ridicule. My only regret was not realizing the school potential earlier.
Ferris High is a decent school in an overall average school district. The school needs additional advanced placement classes to ensure that college bound students are ready for more demanding courses.
I entered as a Junior, there were no complications, staff as well as students were welcoming. The counselors are very helpful with anything, they are always making sure that there is nothing wrong. There were no fights like in other schools, it’s a real calm environment. The football team is not the best I would say, but if you’re looking to play soccer, go ahead, as they mostly end up in 1st, but overall all sports are great.
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As far as the school having technology I think its great, but I feel like 95% of the teachers expect so much from students when they do so little teaching wise. They do not take the time to do what they are paid to do. Another reason why I rate Ferris so low is because the staff is very doubtful of their students potentials. They focus on dress code and behavior more than trying to help better their students academically. Not enough is done for the students.
I am currently completing my last year of school as a senior at Ferris High School, and it has not been easy due to doubling in course classes, having my junior and senior classes all in one year, but I am proud to say that I have accomplished all of my goals thanks to the help of my teachers and counselors. I have put an extreme effort in pursuing my goal of graduating one year early in order to be one step closer in starting my college journey. Ferris High School has helped me learn that every goal is possible of accomplishing as long as extreme determination and effort is put into pursuing it. Ferris High school will definitely leave its mark in my life even after I graduate.
My experience at Ferris High School is great, the teachers work well with all students and prepare you for the real world. How supportive the staff and students are of each other is a great quality in a school. One thing I would change is some of the attitudes that students have. The reason I would change this is because they are very rude to teachers and other students
I came to Ferris High school my senior year, I only wished I heard about this school earlier in life. The teachers, the students, and administration are just wonderful. Everyone has really made me feel welcome and i'm getting a great education out of it.
Ferris high school is a very tight-knit school as a result of the small community. I enjoy being in band because we are one big fill as are then students in sports, choir, and agriculture.
Ferris has a wide range of extracurricular activities and promotes participation in those activities.
It is ok here. The ratio of teachers and students is good. But the coaching staff could be better. There is a lack of student activities.
Ferris ISD is a safe place where students are given the opportunity to receive a quality education; however, it does not offer more opportunities for its students in terms of continuing their education (i.e. College). The scope of furthering every students education must widen in order to increase the drive in students who feel as though they are not "college ready".
I absolutely love Ferris High School, the staff members are really helpful and always motivate students to do better. The classes are fun and unique in its own way. There is always new ways to learn and we never leave anyone behind. I would not change anything about it not only because it has good academic classes in my opinion but also because everyone in school get along and we help one another to strive for the best.
Ferris High school is a great place because is a smaller number of students then most school and the classes aren't that big with at least 20-25 kids in a class at least. From my High school experience i had a lots of friends and people that care about me like my teachers. High school changed for me because I changed myself to a better person and became a Christian and I Started helping people.
The teachers and staff were all very supportive of the students. The school provided a ready environment for all students whether they were involved in sports, fine arts, or if they were academic students.

The sports program is amazing the coaching staff always brings out the best in the students.

The band program as well, recieved many awards for both marching and concert.

Our choir also recieved many awards for soloists and choral music.
I appreciate how everyone in the district knows each other, but the school board rarely listens to the voice of the students when specifically asked for our opinion on topics. The school body has constantly asked for the removal of using uniforms as dress code, but after years of asking, there is still no change. I do, however, like the rural cozy atmosphere that Ferris provides.
Everything is really good about my school. Teachers are very helpful and caring. The one thing that i would like to see change is the dress code.
Ferris is a great school. The community is diverse so there's a mixture of cultures. Everyone is included but you have the decision to choose whether you want to participate.
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My experience at Ferris High School has not been a poor one. The AP and Dual Credit courses I have taken have been relatively rigorous and I have learned a lot. Additionally, the Theatre program (although it does not receive a large portion of the school's budget) is wonderful. However, I would liked to have been provided with a larger selection of advanced classes. For example, there are no advanced science classes available to seniors who have already taken Dual Credit Chemistry.
I transferred into this school this past year and so far it's been good. The school is very serious about this students here getting a good education and having a successful future; however, they don't get things done fast. If I ever need anything for college or my career and I email my counselor, she replies weeks later.
Ferris High School is a great place to learn the staff is amazing and they are ready to teach and help students get college ready, they provide us with all the tools we need to receive a quality education. They also have a great variety of extracurricular activities.
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