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I love how everyone looks a Ferriday High school as a second home , I love how discipline the students are & the amount of effort put in the students work .
Well, being a student from this school, I am a very keen primary source to this review. Ferriday High School is a school I like unother. Though it may have the so called reputation of being a “troubling school” it is actually great with its incredible teachers, amazing diversity, and holds a strong reputation on it’s athletic department.
The school is okay. However, there aren't many opportunities for students. For instance, the school system is very strict on club activities, and high impact learning opportunities, such as educational fieldtrips, etc. When I entered there as a freshman, there were about 10 clubs...however, upon graduating this year, the school only had two clubs. Not only that, but there are only three sports to choose from: football, basketball, and track. Although, even the latter aren't all that great. There tends to be a lot of favoritism within the teams, between the coaches and a few of the team its always the same selection of students getting to play on the court, and/or field...sadly.
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I love Ferriday High School; I've growed through the past few years & learned alot. If something had to change it should be the students attitudes towards getting ready to graduate and leave for college.
I think the web site is amazing an it gives us the opportunities that's not given to us at school to look for certain scholarship an etc
We have a very few clubs at this school but some students don't participate because when they find out it be to late
Some teachers and only a hand full is concerned about the kids an others are just receiving a check just to be there while the administration has ran the good teachers away
They have security systems an cameras
This school use to be number one an now that we have been through with different administration things have change an the teachers are leaving an the student are dropping out due to how teachers are handling them not in a great way
The school overall is a pretty great school. It is striving to raise the schools academic overall grade. It is doing whatever it takes to raise the students and the schools scores.
I've attended Ferriday High School from 9th grade to 12th grade and I can honestly say that I have had the best experience I could imagine. Whenever there was a time I needed help in the past, the school's staff and my fellow students were always there to help me. Ferriday High School is not like all the other schools because, others don't expect us to succeed but every single person attending that school has the potential to become someone great. My school helps students that don't believe in themselves to grow up and be the best person they could be.
They staff really do care about everyone education
Their many opportunities at this school. Different sports and clubs to join.

They have resources officer and armed office on campus daily.
This school try their best to even the workload so that the teacher are able to educate their student better
Teachers try their best and strive for the best for their students.
My experience is great. There is one for students if needed and after school tutoring. They have a very great supported staff and try their best to make learning exiting as possible.
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The opportunity for sport are great every one gets a chance to be a part. We have a lot of support form our community and businesses.
One school-wide policy is that a student must be escorted to the restroom. This is impossible because there are over 300 students and only two escorts who have jobs of their own to do and that do not have time to take us, students, the the restroom. Now, everyone is getting in trouble for having to use the restroom.
The service at Ferriday High School is good. It's not the best but it's free food and personally, I believe it to be healthy. We have a small variety. I feel like we eat the same things every week. As for snacks, they might give up a little fruit. No one is allowed to bring our own food or snacks into the cafeteria and something the food is nasty.
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