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I very grateful for the school because I was able to go into the CNA program during school. Because of that program I am now a official CNA right out of high school and gave me a jump start on my dream goals.
I enjoyed the fact that the high school gave me the opportunity to become part of a Jumpstart program, which allowed me to take college classes for dual credit where I could still be supported by familiar teachers. However, I think one thing that I would like to see changed about the school is how the teachers and administrators interact with us. I wish that they would treat us not like aspiring adults and not mindless cattle.
I attend Fernley High School, in the beginning there wasn't a lot of people attending. As time passed by a lot more people from all over started to come. The school is well organized, and controlled most of the time. I feel safe there and not afraid to go every single day. My school has a culturally diverse of people. The school could change by having different teachers and ways of teaching with no judgment.
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It was amazing and I made many friends over the years I was there. Teachers were nice but at times weren’t so nice unfortunately. My senior year was awesome and I wish I could go back and re live those great days.
Fernley has a lot of opportunties like fun classes and you learn nice things. There are creative classes like ceramics, painting, photography. Photography was boring but an easy grade. The teachers actually try with you like if you have an english paper due and you need to finish typing it they would work with you. Although it does depend on the teacher but the ones i had they did.
My experience with Fernley High School has been fair. The friendly faces are a delight to see. However the large class sizes and lack of discipline by other students make it hard to learn in some classrooms. Hopefully this will change in the upcoming years. The school as a whole is relatively nice though with a thriving athletic department.
Fernley High School is a very small school which is in some cases a good thing. We are very involved in our community and can always come together in times of need. The teachers are polite and are always there when help is needed in the classroom. The environment is always fun and easy which makes learning a lot easier. I do wish that our school offered more classes that could help us in the future. Or classes that students were interested in.
I like that Fernley High offers the Jumpstart program so students have the opportunity to take college classes as well as normal high school classes.
Fernley High is overcrowded with minimal funding and a lack of truly educated and dedicated teachers. While there are a few teachers at this school who will support and encourage students, there are many more who do the opposite.
As a students I find a lot of the teachers and administrators give certain students preferential treatment, if they are athletes or if they the “popular” kids.
From what I have noticed about the college preparedness, is that most students are not prepared for college. However, I think that students who participate in the jumpstart program offered here are much more prepared for college because it allows for students to actually participate in college and therefore understand how to best partake in college after graduation.
Fernley High School is a purely average school- little funding for the arts and few resources to excel in life.
The thing I like the most about Fernley High School is probably the people. Overall, the education is poor quality.
I was an extremely small school, underfunded, very few teachers who actually cared for the students well beings.
Fernley High School was a good school and I am not upset that I graduated from there. They have respectable teachers that are good at their job and they also have teachers that aren't so great but that is how most schools are. I would recommend other to this high school solely because I believe they treat everyone fairly for the most part and the administration is not corrupt like it is at some other schools.
Substitutes are fairly careless. Great academic readiness as well as college readiness. Students are average. I personally love this school. Very school spirited students here. The staff here really cares about student´s success.
I like the staff and education there. Not a lot of problems. The students there are not bad and most respect other people. The food could change and stock the vending machines a little bit more with the drinks. But over all Fernley High is a great school.
Some really great teachers and counselors. I loved playing basketball, volleyball and softball. Met some wonderful people and life long friends. I enjoyed my 4 years of high school.
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I had a lot of fun in high school. The sports and clubs were always fun to get into. Our school always put on a lot of events to get students to participate. But I think there should be more interaction between students and teachers. I also think that there should be more ways for students to get help if they need it.
Fernley High School is an efficient enough school. There could be much more diversity and involvement within the school. The individuals within the school's walls are usually quite kind and helpful.
I have enjoyed my last three years of school at Fernley high school. I have had great teachers and coaches that believe in me, and support me, and push me to do my best everyday. Playing softball at Fernley high is most likely my favorite thing about the school. The only thing I think the school could work on is preparing the students for college and for tests such as the ACT, SAT, and the ASVAB.
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