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Ferndale High School is a very accepting place. With an overall nice environment, teachers that want you to succeed, and plenty of AP and Honors classes to choose from, Ferndale is a great school. Plus the marching band rocks.
All the teachers really care about the students and are always willing to help. The classes available at Ferndale are not the best, but we have an option to go to different schools for afternoon classes, which have more options and AP classes
I find ferndale to be very good school with many people, but the school is getting old and is falling apart, but many don't want to believe it.
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My experience at Ferndale High School was good. I think we need to work on getting more students involved.
Allowed you to be sexually harassed, ignored bullying, tells students to drop out, has a horrible track and field and other sports products.
I loved my experience because of my friends, my teachers and because of the music and theater programs.
I like the fact the school is diverse, and they put a lot of support in their sports programs. The one thing I'd like to see is more clubs, better support and funding for activities outside of sports, and more college prep opportunities for all grade levels. The administration could use some improvement on how they handle student altercations and how they communicate with students and parents. Overall it's a decent school, you can tell that they put a lot of care into students academics.
What I liked about Ferndale High School was the amount of variety of classes we had for students with different interests. The resources we had for those classes were great teachers that provided what the students needed to make their decision.
Ferndale has a great variety of extracurricular classes that you can take. From raising fish to dabbling in culinary arts you will be sure to find something that you like. Personally, Ceramics is my favorite class. However, so many kids want to take the class that the school stuffs up to 35 students in one tiny classroom with one teacher which doesn’t leave much room for one on one instruction. The school itself is coming apart at the seams. Last year one of the boilers broke and the most the school did was put fans, blowing cold air, to “get the air circulating”. There are buckets in the hallways to catch water dripping from the ceiling and there was a video circulating of teachers running down the hallway, trying to catch a rat. There is hope. Building a new high school is under heavy debate. Regardless, I do not dread coming to school in the morning and I have enjoyed my high school experience thus far.
I attended Ferndale High School Freshman and Sophomore year. I enjoyed making new friends with the diverse cultures. And learning a lot from great teachers, who take a lot of time to prepare you for your future.
Ferndale is a great place to raise a family in and there's a huge sense of community here. One major change that I would like to see at Ferndale High School, is more funds being put into the facilities at the high school. The buildings are very outdated and low quality, but since Ferndale has such a great community I would love to see that happen in our school district.
Ferndale High School is a facility with tons of potential and friendly faces. Although the campus is not anything special, the people attending the school make the experience unique and diverse from other schools in the area. The teachers of Ferndale are driven to assist their students as much as needed.
Ferndale High School has wonderful teachers who truly care about their students' success. The teachers I have gotten to work with and take class from are very dedicated to their jobs and each subject.
I like the clubs that ferndale high school has to offer and also the teachers truly care about you. I would like to see our the school get fixed.
Ferndale High School is a very great school for hands on learning. it lets a lot of kids of different races, ethnics and religions to all come together. It's a very safe and family like feeling environment. The teachers and staff really strive for you to do your best and will help you when you need it or want it. There's music programs and CTE programs like metals, wood shop, agriculture, and so much more to choose for electives. We have FFA, medical terminology and sports medicine, cultural clubs, marching band, and chess clubs to name a few. The school loves to involve parents too, wether in sports or in school classes. Everyone I know, have met or are going to meet sometime in the future, will absolutely agree with me saying that Ferndale High School is such a great school.
Though my experience in the Ferndale community hasn’t been quite long, I can say that the students and staff in Ferndale High School are very welcoming and open. I hope to continue seeing students involved and engaged with both activities and academics.
Ferndale High School is in all honesty a decent high school. The people are pretty cool overall and classes are alright.
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I enjoyed how I was always able to find a class that interested me and challenged me. It prepared me very well for college and gave me almost all of the resources I needed. I wish there was more diversity, though.
There are many positive things about Ferndale High School. If you would like to be involved there are many things to do, including sports, clubs, music and theater. The teachers are generally well prepared for lessons and want to help you to learn if you put forth the effort. I do wish that they had better funding for the arts, and that there were more opportunities for the orchestra program to expand.
I worked hard because I know I wanted to get into college, I made sure I stayed on top of school so therefore my teachers liked me and valued my participation.
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