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I like feeling safe at school. Being able to go to school and no worry too much about the safety of the campus. I like that the police department are always involved in the various activies at school. The retired Cheif of Police is very active and involved at school which makes me feel safer.
Ferndale High School is very diverse, has plenty of programs and clubs to join, and allows students to express themselves. Ferndale High prepares the students for colleges with their college advisor, and all the different meetings they have to talk to seniors.
My experience was only from 11-12th grade but it was great. Teachers were very helpful and got me to where I am right now, a graduate. The students there made everything even better every single day I looked forward to going to school. They didn’t offer as much as other schools. For instance, we don’t receive any tablets or computers to start off at college. We didn’t receive anything to help us get that first step in our first year of college.
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I like the school because I am currently a student and the staff is very helpful and the school is just a get away and peaceful environment when it comes to working and doing school activities
I love Ferndale High School a lot. Only because I am a student at Ferndale High. I am a 10th grader there. I feel safe at Ferndale High. It is a great place to attend and it is a great place where you can be yourself. Ferndale lets you be who you are and what you are. It doesn't matter if you are LBGTQ or not. Ferndale High loves you for you and nothing more. Ferndale High School has a lot of amazing school plays, musicals, sports, classes, teachers, and staff. I do recommend any student that doesn't go to Ferndale High School, to go to Ferndale High School. Ferndale High School is a great place to go to. I hope that you do go to Ferndale High School and enjoy being at Ferndale.
I mainly liked how diverse the school was. Compared to other schools like berkley, royal oak, and lamphere, Ferndale seems to be the most diverse. In the school there are so many different types of students and people that it is hard not to find someone to relate to. The only thing I would change is by adding something. The school needs more whole school or class related activities for students to do. Like class field trips where all of the 12th or all of the 11th go on a field trip together. This will strengthen relationship between kids in the school.
What I love about Ferndale High School is its diversity and how everybody get along with each other.
What I loved about Ferndale High School, is the simple fact that they never gave up on you they were like another set of parents to all students. They pushed you until they knew you were ready for the next challenging thing in all subjects, and to top it off they made it fun all at the same time, making you want to learn more and more about the subject at hand.
Ferndale High School is a good school to go to if you are an AP Student mostly all the teachers act better towards you if you are in there AP class if you are in a normal class setting they don't treat you with much respect
Ferndale High School has a good academic program. They focus on teaching you the right things you can hold on to for life. I've learned some life lessons while attending there by participating in extra-curricular activities, such as sports and band. Managing my time while maintaining good grades was my main priority!
My experience at Ferndale High school was memorable and if I could go back in time to do it all over again I would. What I liked most about Ferndale High was the diversity within the school. I was able to learn more about different cultures and make many friends of different ethnicities and races. Ferndale High could improve on more school fundraising activities that will not only raise money for the schools and charities we invest in, but also keep the student body involved with the school activities as well.
From the teachers to the sports teams, to the arts, to the family vibes within the hallways, Ferndale has a very good atmosphere to learn in. I'm glad this is the high school I attended, and I appreciate all iv'e learned throughout my times there.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at Ferndale High School. I would like to see them get a few maintenance upgrades over the next few years.
I think that the smaller size of the school makes it a unique high school experience. This has its ups and downs, but I have enjoyed my time here so far.
Almost all of the teachers I have had are engaging and help me succeed. I feel supported and like I can approach most of my teachers.
Our marching band is the reason I came to the school. I love the support the school gives us.
This school is very accepting and caring all around
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I've never been at a school where such a high percentage of the teachers truly care about the student body.
I had a very nice time at Ferndale High School I was able to focus on my studies & graduate with ease.
The teachers at Ferndale High School are very nice, informative, & available.
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