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Ferndale High School Reviews

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The teachers at this school do their best to help you learn and get to graduation. They help you before and after school if you need it and they are always offering to help you. At Ferndale the teachers can get along with any student and can control the classroom at all times. They work hard to get through the criteria and work harder to be sure that the students understand the criteria they are learning.
Its a good sport school.
They focused a lot on football so if you like football its good.
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It wasn't a challenge after going to a college prep school first.
Sometimes the popular kids got away with things they shouldn't have.
I went to early early college high school first before ferndale and THAT school prepared me for real life. Ferndale not so much.
It is a small school and I got great attention from the teachers, but it definitely focuses more on sports than the arts.
New teachers are smart, few care about positive change.

What extracurricular activities? I Make my own
Climate could change for the better
Some Teachers need to retire. No enthusiasm left
Everyone loves sports, non athletes are put down
Our superintendent/principal is the WORST. School is dysfunctional because of him. Decline in enrollment and many transfers after he arrived. Elderly School board backs every bad decision.
Small size (150) has pros and cons. Mostly cons :(
Office brings in burritos I'm Wednesdays for $5 if you want. No other options. Vending machines weak at best.
Ferndale High is a wonderful school, bullying is not really an issue because we are all so close. I personally feel very safe at school, and I know others do to. Ferndale is one of the few places left where people in the community as well as the schools feel 100% safe. The health programs and resources we have are not offered all the time, but if you request it, it is made immediately available. Ferndale High is an amazing school and I am proud to be a part of it.
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