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Ferndale Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I think the school is good because the teacher teach very well and most of the teachers are very kind
I like how small the school is, which makes classrooms one-on-one. On the other hand, it is falling apart. We need to redo the building.
As a senior at Ferndale, you come to realize that having a small school is a good thing. It helps all the students and faculty at Ferndale stay close to each other. The only bad traits Ferndale has, I feel is that they do not challenge the students enough. Teachers tend to baby the students and let the kids goof off. Juniors and seniors are the only students I see that are challenged and act respectfully. The school lunches are pretty bad as well. We have the same lunches every week. Our sports have got exceptionally better in the past few years. Being a part of our schools varsity cheerleading was my favorite part of my high school experience. Cheerleading helped me stay in touch with the community with all of our service projects. It also let helped me get other students involved in our school, to show off school spirit.
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I like my school. Academics can be lacking at times for honors students like myself, since we have to be put in some classes with others who slow our pace due to the small size. On that, though, I believe the best schools are small because their is more time for each student.
We have a lot of amazing teachers at the school, but there are a few who make their classes a nightmare.
We have a wide variety of clubs to join from reading team to archery.
Our building is quite old and some things are being to fall apart, not to the point of being completely hazardous, but if they don't get fixed there'll be problems in the future.
Our sports teams aren't very good, but are still good experiences. And when our teams are doing well, the entire school rallies around them to cheer them on. The marching band is the best team at the school, and I definitely believe doing band or even color guard will make the Ferndale High School experience memorable and tolerable (to go to school).
My experience at Ferndale Area Junior/Senior High School was by far the best High School experience. The teachers at Ferndale are very helpful and very accomodational. The food is outstanding. The Music Department at Ferndale is ranked among the top school districts that has a successful department and not many schools in Cambria County have a very big department, but ferndale does. The faculty and administration do a 1:1 iPads. Meaning there is no more paper pencil other than exams. The only thing I would like to see change at High School is curriculum, the curriculum is very, VERY college readiness curriculum. I think it needs to be a bit higher so the students at Ferndale knows what to expect at the college level. Other than that, this school has reached my expectancies!!
Ferndale area Junior/Senior High School is a very small school compared to all of the other high school that I hear about in college. Ferndale has given me the chance to get to know many people and allow for me to get more teacher to student interaction so that I could fully understand things that I had trouble with learning. I've built many friendships there which developed into a family type bond. The people are always nice and helpful there. All of the teachers push students to succeed so they will have the ability to further their education outside of high school. Ferndale Area Junior/Senior High School is a great school to attend and will help students make friends and acquire great education.
Ferndale is a a great school. Though it could be more challenging. Overall, our pride is strong and has made us winners in everything. We aren't the best at everything but our determination is there.
The teachers are caring and what students to succeed.
There is limited availability of a nurse due to she is shared between two buildings.
Extra curricular activities are good and enriching experiences.
It is a great small school to get involved in. Because of the size you get to know a lot of people and teachers.
They are overall caring and committed to helping the students grow and meet their potential.
Some punishments aren't necesary and others aren't good enough.
We could use a major upgrade on most of our sport equipment and fields.
I have liked all my teachers that I've had throughout my school.
We only have basic after school programs in my opinion.
Better ways to provide safety for students could be used.
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A lot of preparation from the guidance department helped students decide their future and set goals.
A wider variety would help picky students eat.
Wider variety of sports would peak other students interests.
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