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Fernandina Beach Middle School Reviews

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Overall a pretty great experience for middle school. While I don't this I was prepared as well as I could have been, I feel like a did receive a balanced education.
I actually feel like the security is a little slack. I do know that the school recently held a meeting to try and implement new and better policies. The school does have an anonymous hotline for bullying and other concerns that they students feel comfortable to access.
I am mostly aware of sports as an after-school activity. I have also been involved with National Honor Society. I like the volunteer work associated with that group. I think giving back to your community is important.
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I was able to get an education here at the school, but feel being a very motivated student played a big part in my success. I enjoyed the friends I made in high school, and found it to be a unique school because it is on an island. I would choose this school again over the other options in Nassau County. It's an okay school, but could be refreshed structurally and I believe the hard working teachers should be rewarded while teachers who have lost their passion should be let go. I am thankful for my education - many kids don't have the opportunities we do here in USA.
I have teachers who pretty much have you do all the learning and work online and I am not sure why they are even there. I also have good teachers who tell us what they expect, teach us, and give fair tests. I appreciate the responsible teachers who do their job. They really do make a difference.
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