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Fernandina Beach High School Reviews

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I love the small class sizes. Most schools are easily 1200-2000 or more kids. Our school has 950ish.
There are good teachers that will prepare you well for college and the campus is safe. However, there are many complaints about the experiences students have had with the guidance counselors when preparing for college.
Very nice teachers (most of them). There are a variety of classes to choose from, the school just added an AP Capstone class for Juniors.
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Most of my greatest life experiences were at Fernandina Beach High School, FBHS. My school is filled with amazing facility and staff, students, and events. I developed strong relationships along the way as well. FBHS is where I met my best friend. FBHS is where I discovered my absolute love for math. Yes, I know, loving math? Weird! This school is where I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into our competitive cheerleading team. We are blue and gold. We are safe. We are accepting. We are Fernandina Beach High School. Go Pirates!
great school--possibly more assistance with college readiness/SAT classes. Students would benefit from additional guidance re: college information.
Very good school academically. Lots of sports teams but there weren't many non sports clubs offerings when I went here.
What I enjoyed the most was honestly being in the all the bands all four years, if anything could change I would love to see more support for the band programs. Also for all the art programs in general there. The sport teams get more support overall, and it is a struggle for the art programs to find funding sometimes. For example, the band could benefit from having some new instruments for each section, but because how expensive they are, and little support they are not able to get new, or at least well-working instruments for the students. Unlike the football team, and cheerleaders who get new uniforms almost every other year and get support from the community. The band was using uniforms that the current band director wore when he was in high school.
My overall experience with Fernandina Beach High School was very good and memorable. I challenged myself with rigorous AP classes, got involved in many clubs, and played on two varsity sports teams all four years of high school.
The teachers I had were mainly all very good and prepared me very well for the upcoming years of college. My two favorite classes have been Psychology and Biology sparking my interest in the brain and leading to possibly major in Neuroscience.
I have made incredible relationships with the students and faculty here at Fernandina. The only thing I would change is that for one I wish it was a much bigger school and two that it was an inside school. Instead we have all outside buildings with only a single hallway.
Overall I had an amazing experience at Fernandina Beach High and am so grateful.
Excellent school with dedicated and awesome teachers who take a real interest in each student. The sports, with the exception of football are very competitive.
We have a decent school overall. Some students are out of hand and that’s nobody’s fault but their own. Our students as a whole make great grades and are intelligent and successful.
Fernandina Beah High School is a welcoming high school, but lacks the resources and student involvement needed to gain success.
Fernandina Beach high school is a highly diverse school. It has people with all different races and ethnicities. Some downfalls of the school may be the lack of trying to get us ready for later on in life. We mostly focus on academics which is incredibly important, but i feel we should have some classes reguarding life skills or how to live in the real world.
Fernandina Beach High School is willing to help you in anyway possible to help you achieve your college goal. The clubs and activities are great and I have loved to be apart of them. Things that I would like to be changed is improvement of the food.
I moved to FBHS during my junior year and have had, overall, a great experience. The teachers really care about their students and the food is great. One thing that is difficult as a new student, is fitting into the small community (everyone knows everyone since birth).
Facility was helpful and gave resources to continue education. Students well behaved, events were active and participation was good. Many clubs were involved and could always participate. Safety was never the issue had a cop on campus at all time. Academics were competitive, graduation class of 2017 had the most participate in scholarships. Sports was a fun activity and was in high standards the athletes were well rounded.
Fernandina beach High school Ian definitely an interesting place to go. I think the math department of the high school needs to be redone. Aside from the fact that very few students understand the material being taught, You hear a lot of the math teacher so gossiping about students which is so unprofessional I don't even know where to begin. However, every other aspect of the school is very impressive and the dual enrollment that is incorporated gets an A+ from me!
I would like to see lots of renovation and the administrastion change at FBHS. Overall I had a great experience. The classes definitely prepared me for college.
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The teachers work hard to make sure that all students are prepared to be in a University setting. There are several tracts to be apart of with many opportunities for college credit or on the job experience.
The atmosphere was amazing. Everybody knew everybody. The teachers really wanted to help the students grow in their studies and as a person. The students always help each other. This school was also one of the only schools in our district that took severely disabled kids and taught them. The schools involvement with the community was very big. I came from a small private middle school with a graduating class of 15, but as soon as I went to Fernandina High I felt like I have been there and was part of a big school my whole life. Also not to brag but, are sports were great especially our competitive cheerleading team. Anyone that is in that area should definitely consider have their child attend Fernandina Beach High School.
I really enjoy this school because I know every teacher wants me to do my best and get into a really good college. One of the things I would like to see change is the draining system. In Florida it tends to rain quite often and the school ends up pretty flooded because the water doesn't have anywhere to go.
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