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Although when I was in attending Fern Creek High School we faced many trials and setbacks. I enjoyed that we still came together as a family and was still considered Tiger Proud.
Fern Creeck Traditional High School Helped me tro grew in this country, they are excelentes teachers
Communication lacks with teachers and parents and sometimes students. Also my freshman year there was a shooting during school the lack of readiness was noticeable. This should have been more prepared. My older brothers also went there always under lockdown. My mom said she always saw the kids who had cut sneaking back when the end of day bell rang and mixed in. We talked about things that could be done to better security there. The school would have been much beteer had the students felt safer instead of always hearing or reading non social media all the things being told that would happen there it triggered major panic attacks with me
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The teachers truely value everyone's education that they will create a plan for each student in order to see them succeed. They contiously work hard to make sure every student understands the material in order to pass tests and get ready for the AP tests.
I am currently enrolled in the Ivy Plus Academy at Fern Creek. It's okay but having just transitioned out of middle school they except too much of us. I've talked to alot of my peers and almost all say their depression and anxiety has sky rocketed in the past 7 or so weeks. Fern Creek is defiantly over filled, the hallways are always packed making it difficult to get from class to class.
I will say they have improved but not as much as they say.
I love Fern Creek, but it can be kind of hard to go there because there are a lot of people and not all of them are nice.
I like Fern Creek High School mostly all the staff are kind and always willing to help every single student as much as they can. I don't like how much pressure at fern creek high school. most student at fern creek only thinks about themselves and what group they want to be in. they also don't let misbehavior allowed in this school. for example, if you did something to somebody like push them you are automatically get suspended. like the saying "two wrongs don't make a right." one thing that fern creek needs to do is take more time and figure out what works with every student
I loved Fern Creek, there is no other high school I would have rather gone to. The environment is/was awesome. Without the teachers I was lucky enough to have, college would have been much more difficult to pursue. The only change I would like to see in Fern Creek is more student involvement outside of the building!
I would like to change their priorities, instead of them focusing on sports mostly they should focus on the building. I am aware that the dirtiness won't change due to the children but you should still provide the all the essential in the restrooms. Having pads and tampons in the bathroom but still, have them being provided in all offices.
Fern Creek gave me the experience that I needed to succeed in my future. With me playing sports all four years it was a big part of my life. The four years that I attended fern Creek, I have seen the school grow from being the worst in the city to one of the best academic school in the city. The principal came in my freshman year knowing that he was going to change the school around and change is what he bought.
Fern creek high school is a diverse, welcoming school that is driven to preparing its students for college or their careers. Fern creek is the first school in JCPS to initiate the Ivy Plus Program. This program is dedicated to bridging the gap between low income students and prestigious/ivy league schools. Just this year, we accumulated over 12 million dollars in scholarships. The teachers and staff in this school spend countless hours working with their students so that they may reach their goals. A staff that truly cares about their students is essential to success. This is what Fern Creek can offer.
fern Creek is a school that has it's good and it's bad if you are looking for a place with good classes and teachers who care this is for you, but it does have kids who think they are better than others which can leave to fights and many arguments. The school offers Ap classes that can help you get an early start on some college classes and the teachers make sure you get the ability to do so.
Transferring to Fern Creek my freshman year two months into the school year was the best decision I've made. The school is full of diversity great teachers and students, I appreciate the teachers and facility staff for helping me get college ready and help me follow my path in education. Fern Creek High School I applaud you and I thank you for making my life better.
It is an excellent school, with very good teachers and work team and many activities are carried out frequently
Fern Creek provided me with and education in the Ivy Plus program that pushed me and challenged the way I think and interact around me.
Fern Creek high school has many amazing teachers there to support you and to help with learning, They figure out what will benefit you the most. There is a variety of clubs and classes to choose from to help figure out who you are and what you would love to do during high school.
my freshman year we had the only school shooting to date inn our district. Many schools in the district have been on lockdowns or higher level protection. I would like to see Fern Creek be the first to change security measures.
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I felt like some teachers there will push you everyday to succeed and they will actually teach you valuable lessons that you will use in your everyday life. They will push you to get involved and that's great as it's taught me the work and energy you put in will be the results. If that's not the results then it's up to you how you want to fix that. The students and community is depended on who you surround yourself with. The right people will be right there to support you and also want to do something great in life with you right there beside them. The wrong people will get you into the wrong things and show you a life that isn't the right path that you want to take.
When I first went to the school I thought it was a really good school but as getting into the years I was bullied for 2 years and nothing was done about it. The principal didn’t know anything about it. They just kept pushing it aside. The education is not as good anymore it’s just like they are letting anyone be a teacher now. They really don’t get you ready for college unless your an ap student.
The school has great school spirit, the teachers really do care about their students. They really try and prepare you for college with the resources they provide. Would like to see more teachers incorporating college style curriculums into their classrooms.
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