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Fergus is a great school! There’s lots of fun and loving teachers and staff there. Our counselor especially... she’s a gem! I wouldn’t change a thing.
Fergus is a great school in a small town. The teachers are overall pretty good, academics could be a higher priority, but they do care about the students for the most part.
Great teachers. Lots of great programs to prepare kids for adult life. Clean facilities and lots of aid if a student needs extra help.
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I liked how the class size wasn't large so that students received more one on one time with the teachers. This was helpful in learning the materials more as compared to being in a large class. I appreciate how the school cares about its students and wants kids to learn and do the best that they can.
I have been a student at Fergus High School for nearly four years. Throughout those years, I have had an extremely successful academic and athletic career. The staff at Fergus High School has done nothing but support me through every endeavor. Athletics and extracurricular activities are very promoted as well as community involvement. Fergus offers many different clubs that allow students to socialize and be involved with the school and community. Overall, Fergus High School would be a great school for any students who enjoy healthy athletics, encouraging teachers, and a competitive scholastic environment.
This is my first year at Fergus High School. My experience at Fergus has easily been better than I ever could've imagined. It has been the best year so far. The staff at Fergus has been incredibly supportive and they all genuinely care about their student's success and personal well-being. I greatly enjoyed my time on the volleyball team as well as being involved in numerous other clubs. They offer a large variety of extracurricular activities.
Good small town school. They have been making improvements and I hope it continues way past my time there.
I love having so many different classes and clubs for a small school. I do not enjoy the emphasis on sports, though.
Overall Fergus is a good high school, the teachers are knowledgeable, fun, and you can tell most love their job. I did feel that the school focused way to much on sports and not enough on other activities such as the arts programs or music.
Fergus High is a very open school. I know I could take to any of the staff and I would be able to get help where I needed it. I would like to see more students take advantage of their education if I could change anything. There are so many people here willing to give students the education and I hope more students would use that.
Fergus has some great teachers that really care about the success of their students. However, being a small school in the middle of Montana, Fergus has limited resources.
I found that a lot of the teachers actually seemed like they were their because they loved teaching. The staff was very understanding and helped me make attending easier after I had my daughter. The teachers, for the most part, would treat us like equals. Learning is always easier when you feel respected by the teachers.
Overall Fergus is a great school, there are many opportunities available for students however the school never tries to hire outside the district. The school definitely places sports above ALL else making it hard to get support on other fronts.
Because of the ovation and lack of diversity people weren't pretty accepting. However they just added SGA ( Gay Strait Alliance) And right now its a joke but hopefully with time people will realize that the word isn't just about white strait athletes.
Fergus High School in Lewistown Montana has many things to offer, however there are some down falls. I attended Fergus for almost three years of my high school. Some of the best parts about the school are the teachers. They all strive and encourage you to do the best that you can do as a student so that you will succeed in the work force after school. Another great aspect is the sports and associations. They offer many different sports and clubs for every teenager; FFA was a huge part of my adolescence. Some of the downfalls of the school is the communication. The staff had a hard time communicating students needs and helping student struggling in different classes. The school also had many cliches. These cliches made teenagers sometimes feel out of the group. Over all I believe that Fergus was a great school, and just like many others they have their downfalls.
There are not many options for classes, but there are good and knowledgeable teachers. They have either taught their subject for many years and are extremely adept, or they are young and vibrant and fresh from being taught themselves.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school is okay because some advisers of clubs don't care if we know anything about the club. Yet there is an exception because some advisers help and make sure we are involved. Then there is a couple that expect us to give our whole lives to that one club. Yet the friends you make in the clubs are worth the terrible advisers. Some clubs have really good advisers. The teachers don't really care for them.
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My favorite experiences at this school is the days I got to go to my classes with the teachers that have inspired me to be a better person or reminded me to always show my passion for activities. My school is the most generic school. We all go to a class in the morning, sit in that class, and listen to the teacher drone on about their topic. I would go back to this school because then my character would not be in the same shape it is in today.
All of the teachers I have had to deal with overall on a general scale is okay because they have very little time or energy to deal with our struggles. They tell us we have deserved what grade we get even though a lot of us have gone the extra mile to get a meeting time with those teachers and yet they still say we deserve a bad grade. To go off of this they also tell us that we are not trying hard enough to find the answer on our own. So they won't help us or give us the answer since all they can see or think they see is us being lazy. They also sometimes have expressed that the subject they are teaching to us is not their favorite subject or that they hate the subject they are teaching. This shows through their teaching style because all they do is notes and give out assignments there is no projects or learning. with these teachers there is only memorize the notes and be able to write them back down for a test. There are some special teachers in my school that I can say are actually passionate about their jobs. They show that with respect for students opinions, thoughts, ideas, and questions. They are more willing to use a test not as a grade but as a way to see on how the class is doing. They care if we learn. So over all my teachers at my school are okay.
If you love small town living, this is the place because they treat you like family.
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