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I liked the openness with everything especially when you consider that it is a private, catholic school. It accepts and embraces differences among each student and brings us all together into one large, loving community.
I love the community made by the students and faculty; I truly feel at home here. It is so impressive how many former students come back to either teach at Fenwick or remain involved in the community in some way. I hope to one day return that multitude of favors that Fenwick High School provided me.
The environment is amazing. The students are surrounded by so many intelligent and experienced teachers and the education is unmatched.
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I have 2 kids that have attended Fenwick and I have seen a lot change over the years. On the good side most of the teachers and administration take an interest in the success of your child. On the bad side the cost is very expensive and they continue to bother you for additional money. On the sports side they have a newer AD and he is only interested in boys basketball and football, if your kid plays another sport he doesn’t care. I have seen them bring in (recruit) athletes that are not subject to the same rules as the other students. I believe the school is losing its identity when it comes to athletics and the overall student. I believe that Fenwick was once a great school, but now has just become average and forgot what made it great.
Fenwick was a very good school for me. It really prepared me for college! At Fenwick now only did I learn inside the classroom but I learned disciple and life lessons through interactions with other and through sports
There is a great quality to the students who attend Fenwick resulting in an atmosphere for learning and succeeding. The tradition of excellence is all around the student at Fenwick, and it rubs off! Anyone who fails at capturing the results of a Fenwick education has not done the necessary work.
I would say that coming to fenwick as the only one from my town was quite intimidating and daunting. However, the atmosphere that I was welcomed with was one that greatly helped me assimilate amongst my peers. Looking back as a senior I am amazed that coming in I knew no one but now, there is no one that I don't know. It has really been a huge part of my life and I am proud to be a future alum of this school.
What I do love about Fenwick High School is the teachers. From my first day of freshman year, my first period class was Spanish with Mr. Reardon. He was so welcoming and kind to every single student. He correctly reflected all other teachers at Fenwick. A change I would like to see is in the diversity. This is a predominantly white school which has grown in diversity over the years. I’d like to see this trend continue on.
Fenwick was a life changing experience for me. It allowed me to become the person I am today. The teachers really care about their students and the administration takes time to talk to kids every day. It is a really great environment for high school kids to be in and I would recommend it to any one I know.
Fenwick College Prep has done an amazing job preparing me for college. Although I have a 4.0, it didn't come easy. The blood, sweat and tears have all been worth it. Every sleepless night of studying has built my confidence and helped me appreciate a quality education. Every teacher has done an excellent job ensuring our success in each subject. I feel humbled to have been able to attend Fenwick and I will ensure all of my children attend as well.
Fenwick is a high pressure school, but prepares students amazingly for college. You will leave more organized, highly trained, and a better person. However, Fenwick is a very stressful enviornment and can be overwhelming a lot of times.
The overall experience was great. Fenwick allowed me to open up more socially and academically. My capability to learn knew things has grown so much due to the work ethic I learned from this school. It's an overall great personal experience. The only downfall are the large amount of rules and strictness from the facility.
I really enjoy being a Senior at Fenwick High School. Fenwick has given me many opportunities to grown not only as a student but also as a person.
Great faculty, facilities need improvement. School spirit is largely present and alumni connections are fantastic.
Not only did I receive the top-notch, challenging education that I sought, but I also found a great group of friends, as well as supportive faculty. The things I learned both in and out of the classroom at Fenwick shaped who I am today, and the relationships I built there are some of the strongest I have. They will last for the rest of my life.
Fenwick High School definitely lives up to its name as a prestigious college preparatory school. As a school, it is very well rounded from academics to athletics. Fenwick has shaped me to be the well educated individual I am today. The school is more like family and is willing to help the student as much as they can. The only thing I'd change about Fenwick is it's diversity. As it is indeed improving, the school still needs to be more diverse so that the student minority feels comfortable when coming to school every day. Other than that, Fenwick High School definitely prepares you for college and for life.
I love Fenwick. All my teachers care about each person outside of the classroom, which is something unique to Fenwick. I also feel incredibly well prepared for college.
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I like how most of the teachers actually know what they're talking about and they are knowledgeable on the subject and can relate it to things that students would understand better.
I loved Fenwick. Great school spirit and wonderful academics. The sport organizations were very welcoming. The swim team was a wonderful way to get involved.
What I liked about Fenwick High School is that it felt like home. All my friends and teachers felt like family. It has a very strong sense of community. Everyone cares for one another so no one feels alone.
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