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I love fenway! I couldn't imagine going to any other high school. Diverse, fun, major school pride and amazing education and extra help.
The school is very small but in a positive way, everyone knows everyone. It's a family environment. The teachers go above and beyond to help the students. The teachers understand that the students have their ups and downs and are very considerate about it. The school spirit for such a small school is amazing.
Fenway High School is a family of 400 diverse students joined together for three purposes in life. Working hard. Being yourself. Doing the right thing. These three goals are hard to obtain but with such supportive staff and understanding students, high school is a breeze and graduates end up as caring, hard working, successful adults.
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Fenway is like a small community. Everyone knows everybody knows everybody. They have plenty of clubs and great sports teams.
I enjoyed my four years in Fenway High School because even though I wasn’t a A or B student. I still got the love and attention from teachers, a encouraging support team that wanted me to succeed even though I didn’t want too.
All of the teachers were very supportive and always tried to help their students as much as they could. Fenway allowed students to step out of their comfort zones and experience new things with various of eyeopening programs. Overall, Fenway High was a great school that I would recommend for students who are struggling on what BPS school to attend.
There's not much that I would change about Fenway High School because my four years have been life changing. Fenway High School has taught me how to be open minded with everyone around me and their opinions. I have learned how to get out of my comfort zone as Fenway has so much to offer to all students.
Fenway High School is an amazing school. It has amazing faculty and amazing programs. The students who make up the school are very welcoming and friendly.
Fenway was a great school for me. I've been homeless most of my life and the students, teaches, and faculty were very understand. I always had help when I need it.
I like Fenway because of the opportunists that it has. It contains many opportunities to work on outside of school grounds and experience life early
I like the support my teachers give me. Teacher geneuinly care for you and help not only academically but on a personal level too. I would not change anything.
There is not a lot of care/support for the students. They care about their stats more so if you are not doing what you are supposed to which is have no emotional problems they will try their best to kick you out of that school. They do have good teachers and prepare you for college.
Fenway High School is a community. A community where everyone treats you equally. It's not just a school but a safe haven for a lot of kids.
Great school extremely smaller then all other Boston Public schools but does a excellent job to prepare you for college depending on what house you are in different houses operate differently and one house may be harder than the other as far as work and academics love the teachers in the Crossroads house they really care although they can be pestering especially if your a kid you doesn't do your work but that's good bc something you need people to be on you overall great experience others kids are okay but sometimes there's a lot of drama especially senior year when all 3 houses come together for classes
I am a junior at Fenway High and I am graduating next year in 2018. I love the school, environment and the atmosphere. The teachers care about the students and want us to succeed. The school also has a high graduation rate and gives students amazing opportunities so they can go to great colleges. Fenway aspires the students to do the right thing and be yourself.
Although other schools have guidance counselors, I like how Fenway High School has them in order to help students prepare for college. This way, we as students have opportunities for us to see what college life is like. For example, the counselors arrange for students to visit colleges and take college courses at various schools in Massachusetts. However, what Fenway High could change is the option to take other academic classes in school that would help students prepare for the major we intend to explore in the future. This would help us decide whether or not we would like to major in certain subjects before we start college.
Attending Fenway was one of the best decisions I ever made! It was a small school where everyone knew of one another and along the way, everyone became family. I was able to build strong relationships with my teachers and build a strong foundation where even after I graduate, I know that I can always contact them in case I need anything. I was able to welcome them into my life and they were willing to welcome me into theirs. The school and the teachers supported us students whether it be protesting or games, they were always there for guidance and support. After I graduate and continue to succeed in life, I know that I have them to thanks and all the skills and resources they have given me.
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Fenway helps the kids with everything that they need to do. They get them ready for college and the real world.
Great atmosphere! Students and faculty were all great resources. Teachers worked hard in making classes interactive and engaging for all. They make it their goal to teach their students and continue to further their education.
In the old building located in Fenway park I don't think we needed much security but now that we are located in Mission Hill I believe we need more security with armed guards and better patrolling because we been located in the "new" building for 1 year and we already have had several school lockdown ls compared to the 0 lock downs at the old building.
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