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Fenton Senior High School Reviews

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Fenton High School has a great program to help you become successful for your future. Whether it be for a trade school, community college or a university. There are variety of clubs to get involve with. The staff are always helpful and there when you need them.
I had a great time at Fenton. The teachers there are wonderful and most of them care about all of their students. There are strong extracurricular activities available to students and the counseling staff works with students to help them achieve the schedule they want.
The school was okay. People were nice and the staff was generally good. It wasn’t anything too spectacular or impressive. They’re were a lot of flaws to it
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This school has treated me well in the last 4 years and has helped me get college ready! Great staff and a great place to be.
I really enjoyed block scheduling which I experienced throughout all four years of my high school career. The alternating A & B day classes provided flexibility with homework and a more organized learning experience. Technology in the school is growing also, with many new digital displays in certain classrooms and easily accessible laptops for online work. I wish that Fenton High would however focus on making a streamline decision on how its curriculum will line up with online resources. While many teachers utilize Google classroom for their courses, its not mandatory leading to many other teachers choosing different ways causing confusion and inconvenience. A great experience overall though, highly suggest it for a diverse and productive high school experience.
So far, I’m really enjoying my freshman year. There are lots of opportunities to be involved and meet people. I’m on the swim team and in marching band, but there really is a club for everyone. I have some good teachers, although sometimes I’m not crazy about their presentation styles. But they are all willing to put in extra to help you if you need.
Most teachers were fair grading wise, some were biased through the years. Many classes were offered, although I believe more could be available within the science department. Not only were they excellent for academia, they were also well known for their great sports teams. Staff pushes students towards succeeding and will offer any assistance needed.
I am currently a sophomore at FHS, and so far my high school experience has been average. One thing I love about FHS is the block scheduling. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funds and budget cuts we won't have block scheduling next year, which is going to be difficult on me and my fellow students because we become accustomed to having 90 minute classes.
I am in Bella Voce, an all girls choir. I have been in this class since I was a Freshman. The choir director has been my instructor since I was in the 7th grade at AGS Middle School.
The school is an overall good community but unless you're an athlete, as I was, I feel like you are left out. Teachers at the school are big into sports and many students are involved in more than one sport. Most of the teachers are good and form a connection but some are just there to get paid and openly don't like their job. My high school experience has been a good one, but being a student here is either a win or lose scenario. There's not much in between
the principal does not interact with the students. In fact, he believes the kids all lie. The principle does not return emails. He will not set up appointments with parents to discuss problems. Teachers make kids go to area restaurants and buy food for fund raising and the kids must bring in a receipt for a grade. This is "pay for grades" which is not legal in the state of Michigan. WE had a meeting with the teacher, the principal and the acting superintendent last year and nothing has changed. Athletes get special privileges and are treated differently than the other students, even the top GPA earners. Teachers are lazy - show movies and complain to the students about pay and conditions. The student bathrooms are never stocked with toilet paper or paper towels. Office staff is rude even to parents. Do not recommend this school.
I liked how some of the teachers connect with the students and make an impact in their lives, not just in school but also outside. I don't like that some of the staff is not knowledgeable in the material they are teaching and sometimes seem to not have time for the students.
The band and the choir programs have been great creative outlets for all three of my children. The English, Math, and Science programs provide a quality education in preparation for college. The staff are friendly and welcoming at every school event.
This school has made the past 3 years wonderful and I am happy to start my last here.
The academics are great and very diverse. There are many options and the teachers are all very knowledgeable.
The students are very lively and fun to be around. They are accepting of many ethnic/racial diversity and/or sexual orientation.
The extracurriculars are great to get involved in and offer many opportunities.
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I feel safe but feel like it could be safer
Most of it is for sports
I never really see parents around and the school doesn't seem to be trying to invite them in.
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