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Throughout my four years, Fenton has been a great place to be in everyday. Almost all teachers are very nice and understanding, and they really care about the students. Overall it is a very good educational environment.
Fenton has a lot of diversity in their school. There are students of all different ethnicities that attend Fenton and it's really cool to learn different cultures.
I enjoy going to Fenton High school very much. I am a senior this year and every day I enjoy learning in enthusiastic and safe classrooms. The teachers care about the student and are very involved in all school activities and pushing the students to their best state.
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Fenton High School is a great school that has good learning programs to prepare you for a college experience. It has many varieties of classes that a student can choose to be in engaged in. I personally took 3 AP classes in my high school experience and they all helped me understand what college-based classes are. The teachers in Fenton High School are always there to help and answer any questions, and I personally never had any difficulties with trying to get along with a teacher.
Fenton High School is an overall very good school with a lot of diversity and many opportunities. There are always teachers willing to provide help, though the students must be willing to ask.
I loved the diversity and almost complete lack of bullying at this school. a large majority of the teachers helped prepare students with several ways of studying and/or taking notes, as well as provided a safe-learning environment where students were accepted and treated very well. The teachers also provided a secure space in which personal problems can be talked out with and supported by the counselors as well. I would like to see more opportunities for the school to be united in terms of events such as assemblies, fundraisers, etc. Otherwise, the school felt like another home.
Overall Fenton High School has been a very good comforting place to grow academically. I was scared to start off as a freshman, but once I started off the year I knew that I could call Fenton my home. The atmosphere is great surrounded by welcoming and friendly faculty. I have had many great experiences learning about subjects that I never had any interests in. Fenton is full of amazing teachers and counselors that will be willing to help with any problem. Senior year has been a very stressful year because of preparation for college, its a very scary process to go through but my counselor encouraged me and was constantly checking up on me to push through. One thing I would change about Fenton would be the requirements for community service. I personally think that not everyone has the time to complete twenty-five hours of service due to school work, athletics, and family-related business. Fenton has made me into a more responsible independent person.
My favorite thing about Fenton High School is the diversity within the student population. My graduating class is full of the most intelligent and talented people I know, and my years with them at this school have been the greatest gift - but I wish more than anything that we were more united as a student body in my four years.
High school is what you make of it. Fenton offered good opportunities but you have to seek for them. Talk to counselors, advisers and teachers to really get the best of your education. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
My experience at Fenton High School was good. I got to meet great teachers that later helped me decide what I want to major in college and a great counselor that helped me make decisions about where to go to college to accomplish my future goals.
My experience in this high school was positive. All my teachers were very available for help outside of the classroom. It was an overall safe environment. I enjoyed my high school as much as any teenager could.
Fenton has been my home for the past 4 years, it has been a great journey and will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a great school and has prepared me a great amount for college.
What I loved about Fenton High School was everything I got to learn about not only academics but what I got to learn about myself. I matured, I realized who I am and where I want to be physically and mentally.
Fenton is a generally small school, but there are a lot of dedicated teachers there to help you learn. The school is also pretty diverse with people from different types of background. Not all our sports are the best but we do have a good wrestling, dance, track, and chess program. Our students are above the national average as well as teachers are always willing to help you succeed.
Most people at Fenton are friendly Andrew it isn’t hard to find who you are here. There are still improvements the school can make, but they’re working towards them and work good with the students.
Fenton High School is a well-rounded public high school. There's an abundance of classes in each department including, science, math, English, foreign languages, engineering, music, arts, and much more. Each class has multiple resources including Bison Time, a specific time in the day for students to receive academic help extra study time. The administrators, staff, counselors, and teachers are very educated and open to going the extra mile for students. The classrooms, meeting rooms, and resource rooms have been renovated recently and provide efficient learning spaces. I have a been involved in various activities and sports all four years of being at Fenton and for the most part there is something for everyone. Overall, I'm extremely pleased attending Fenton High School, and I believe that the school has properly prepared me for college. The only things I'd wish Fenton would consider more is, more SAT/ACT prep courses and new foreign language courses such as Chinese or Italian.
Fenton High school is a multicultural school that has teachers that helped you with your studies and extracurricular activities and are there to help you with your time of need.Its need to work on to get more great teachers.
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Teachers are overpaid for what they do. The administration is not sensitive to the needs of the students. The school pushes AP courses on the students in order to make the school look academically superior, but, the students do not benefit from the courses. The sports programs / coaches are inferior. The staff are not at interested in quality of education of the students. The best aspect of the support staff is the security and custodial personnel who are very friendly and helpful at all times. The counselors just go through the motions rather than offering any real guidance and assistance to the students. Nice enough people, but, make don't generate any serious results. The special ed department is laughable. The some of the teachers can't even understand the courses they teach. There is very little respect between the teachers and the administration.
I really like Fenton High School. It has been a wonderful 4 years. I really like how it is a safe community. The school makes everyone feel comfortable, and secure.
The teachers are mean and don't care about their students. Especially the band director and the French teacher. The counselors lie and keep things from the students and the entire school just feels like a prison cell. A really big prison cell.
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