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Fennville Public High School Reviews

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I had a great experience attending Fennville high school, they could have better food though. The teachers are always willing to help you one-on-one so you can understand the concept of the subject.
Broad variety of curriculum choices and studious learning environment. My overall experience was wonderful there, including the hospitality and friendliness. Through diligent work and effort, Fennville Public High School has contributed in my increase of knowledge in numerous classes. I am now able to attend the college of my dreams, thanks to the helpful teachers and information provided.
Fennville public schools has been the only school that I have ever known, however we are closely knitted because of our small class sizes and the fact that we speak honest to each other.
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At Fennville I like how the teachers are willing to help any student in need. There are so many teachers who want to see you pass and further your education to college. Here at Fennville you will connect with your teachers and when you do this then the classrooms become more fun and you feel more comfortable asking questions. The one thing I would like to see different is if there were study tables or tutors there to help people who are struggling.
I would say the safety of this school was okay. There weren't any armed police officers and stuff however there were some security measures taken to ensure students safety.
There were some extracurricular opportunities at this school, I was in the student UN organization, student plays and musicals, I was in band, and just in general it was a good experience. I agree there might have been some benefit if there was more funding put towards them. But overall it was an okay experience.
At this high school I had an okay time. I loved that I could be in band and choir and some other programs however I knew there was not much funding put towards them so the experience being in them was not as good as it could have been. I would say the community is pretty unique in that it has its ups and downs. I probably would choose this school again because it was a different experience.
The teachers and teaching style at that high school were alright. I would say I could have gotten a better quality education however I know it wasn't the worst education. My teachers were alright and most genuinely cared about us as students, however I know there were a few who set students on a track path meaning those who were a little better off in classes generally were made to excel better in class and those who might not have the best grades were often ignored.
Their is rarely a case of bullying, creating a safe environment for the school. Everyone feels safe, and if they do not then the staff does everything in their power to create a positive, safe environment.
After school activities are very great, and shows how great of a school Fennville is, bringing their community together for every event. It doesn't even have to be a sporting event, because this community comes together for everything.
Fennville allows its students to go above and beyond, for example at sporting events. I have many great experiences with these events and Fennville because everyone comes together to win and have fun.
Fennville is a great school, yet very small. This being said, it doesn't have many opportunities such as AP classes. Other than that, the school being so small allows for better relationships with students and teachers, creating a better learning environment.
I LIKE this school. I will admit, there are things about this school i DON'T like however. You know those schools that focus too much on their sports teams? This is that kind of school. If you are into all sports and like that sort of thing, then this is definitely a good school to look into. The sense of community you get from being on the teams and the support that is available for everyone is unreal. Now, if you AREN'T into every sport like myself, and are into things such as band or art etc. this school is not that great of a choice. The fine arts programs here are OKAY, and even THAT is an over simplification. There is a huge lack of funding for all of these programs and little to no support for them. Just recently has the band program started to take off into a more positive direction, but there is still a long ways to go. Academic wise, there are some absolutely amazing teachers I've encountered at this school. Their teaching methods are really fun and easy to follow and class environments are great. However, there are a couple (only a couple, thankfully) teachers that I couldn't even begin to say the same for. These teachers were testing practically two times a week with little time to learn new material and when a new unit was started they would give us packets and expect us to be ready to test within a couple days while they did NOTHING to teach us. They sat there in their desks without saying a word to us the whole class period. Possibly the worst teachers I've ever had. Besides these 2 or 3 teachers however, the teachers were amazing. Students were reasonably close to each other being we are a small school and as said before, there really IS a sense of community amongst fellow peers. I would recommend this school to anyone who likes small class rooms, a sense of community and LOVES sports if you are willing to trade that off for the risk of having a class with a really terrible teacher. Overall Good School.
Good and equal policies but punishment can lead to unnecessary suspension.
Their are some but not enough.
The Rec center really get the community going and they love it.
Teachers are very helpful here although some can be strict.
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Their arent many options but its fairly priced.
They did help alot with colleges but they coukd lo a bit more.
There are an average amount of extracurricular activities at our school and many kids participate.
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