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The school is very cliquey and not that many people get along. The principal doesn't do anything about the bullying.
Graduating from Fennimore High School, I was involved in two sports and organizations such as National Honor's Society and Student Council. The school's staff is very helpful, welcoming, and friendly, as well as the students. To say their goal towards preparing students for college is satisfied is an understatement, as I find myself more prepared than fellow college students. The school recently had a large renovation done during my junior year of high school, adding a new cafeteria, another gym, and updating multiple classrooms. Overall the school is wonderful, and is prestigious among other schools in the conference, regarding student personality, academics, and sports.
it is a great school with teachers that really care about the kids. The kids are very welcoming and you have lots of fun in the classes.
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The food is amazing best cooks around! People have their own special groups. Which is to be expected. Small town feel everyone knows everyone
Great wrestling program!
The principal is one of you coaches, he is our defensive coordinator and does not try to make us better. As our principal he address all the issues that need to be addressed like bullying, failing, detentions, etc. The dress code is a little strict for girls in the sense that they cannot show any shoulders. There is nothing attractive about a shoulder and there is no reason for them to not be able to wear a tank top in the summer because their shoulders are showing. Our policy towards bullying is very strict and anyone caught bullying via internet, physically, or verbally will be addressed by the police and they will be written up.
The students at this school are not too involved in sports but i'd say about half of them are. The one problem is that the team performance is generally low because there is no motivation to get better. Usually practices involve some sort of drills that may get you injured or they are completely pointless. For example, in football this year we did a tackling drill where two players stood face to face about 5 to 8 yards apart and then ran forward and slammed into each other repeatedly while swerving around cones. This lead to 3 players getting concussion symptoms and not playing in the game that week. Also during football games some of the coaches would be texting or on the phone instead of getting the team hyped up and maybe even trying to figure out what plays we should run to try to win. So overall the football program is a complete failure. We are getting new uniforms this upcoming year, but the uniforms wont make the team better and the uniforms definitely wont make the coaches better.
The teachers will do pretty much anything for you to help you succeed. For example one teacher stay with a couple of us students from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to help us before exams. The teaching styles vary in this school, some teachers get right to what they want to teach you and some teachers will use different fun ways to get you engaged in the learning with hands on activities. The teachers here are more knowledgable than they need to be for their jobs. They know just about anything that you ask them and if they don't they will find a way to get the answer for you. The grading scales vary and they can be very tough. For example in one class if you get between a 90 and 100 you will get an 'A', but in another class you have to get between a 95 and 100 to get an 'A'.
The best part of this school is that there is plenty of great teachers that will help you with just about anything. They will be more than willing to stay after school to help you get your work done or answer any questions you may have. The downside to this school is the coaches, because they do not listen to their players and do what they want to not what the team wants to. My favorite experiences are watching the school plays and "Spirit Night." Spirit Night is when mostly everyone from the school and parents get together and we all play games and do competitions between the grades. If I could choose to either go to this school or another I would definitely choose this school because of the learning opportunities.
In my eyes Fennimore High school isn't a typical high school when it comes to cliques and cliches. For example, all the jocks in my grade are actually the smartest people in the school. Cheerleaders are normally pictured as the popular girls in the school but at Fennimore it's more of the quiet girls that go out for cheerleading. I don't see too many cliques in my school. For the most part (excluding the occasional girl fight) everybody in my school pretty much gets along with everyone else. I have fun in the hallway talking to just about every kind of person you can think of. I love my high school.
I feel that my school is a safe place. There are no health code violations to my knowledge. There's some rough housing that goes on but I don't see any cases of bullying. The teachers care about safety but none of the student really care for the nurse. The food is good and other than the school being a little cold during the winter, I have no real complaints.
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