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If you fit their mold based on their standards, you will be happy. Good luck if there is anything unique, exploratory or slightly diverse about you. Teachers and staff are hired because they are liked...not qualified. There are some great Christian families here. Many other Bible-thumpers who judge. Glad we got out and went to a nearby (Christian, private) school that is warm, welcoming and prepares kids for real success.
Fellowship has an awesome atmosphere with amazing faculty and teachers. This school is perfect for academically driven students.
I have really enjoyed my time at Fellowship Christian School, both throughout middle school and high school. I have formed really strong friendships with many of my classmates and good relationships with my teachers. The teachers have really pushed me to do my best, and they are generally available for extra help. They will tell you when they are available, if not at that moment. They really care about their students and that they really learn the material. However, I do think that diversity within the school needs to be increased, as it little to non-existent.
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Fellowship Christian School is a great academic school with a variety of educational and skillful teachers who make learning fun. Since it is a private school it does not have as many kids as a public school would, but that's what makes it so special. It's the small fact that everyone knows each other and people get to interact more with each other. The teachers are all willing to help you one on one, and they all encourage you to keep moving forward in your education. Fellowship Christian School isn't just a school it's a family.
I love How all the teachers are so willing to go out of their way to help a student out! To me my school is like a second family just with a dress code! They prepare me so well for the outside world by having us get internships and service hours.
Fellowship is a great school. They have high academic standards and high moral standards for students. They have an amazing morning/aftercare program for working parents. They partner with parents. Teachers are very caring. Yes there are cliques but who doesn't have cliques? Parents are very involved at this school and therefore naturally build great relationships with one another. For those of us that are working parents it is sometimes difficult to be as involved and as a result one may feel excluded or left out of relationships that these active moms have built with one another. I can personally say that I have experienced several moms that have reached out to me to help my child be actively involved with school activities when I was not able to be there and for that I am thankful for. Moms at this school care and yes there will always be a few apples in a bunch that are difficult to get along with but moms at Fellowship CARE.
I liked the friends I made but they admins were not consistent. I love all the friends I made in high school and have high hopes to see them in the future and stay connected. Although, the administration had some flaws. Every so often the school would grant the students with "privileges" like leaving campus for lunch, but on one occasion, they decided to take it away for no reason at all. The reason was never given either.
This school has been life changing, I came in 6th grade and have never stopped loving it. The life long relationships I have met here are just something I am so thankful for everyday. Everyone who has graduated from this school has been thankful for being able to go. I look back 4 years ago when I graduated and couldn't imagine doing school anywhere else. I can not thank fellowship enough for what it has done for me!
I love my school, it provides you with a real education while maintaining a Christian atmosphere. While the sports are lacking, we have a great Stem and fine arts program, and the teachers pursue a relationship with their students.
Fellowship has much to offer and provides a drastically different education than most public schools. The smaller student body supplies opportunity to grow closer with both other students and teachers. New building plans will greatly improve the facilities and resources. Despite a general lack of diversity, the school is rapidly working to improve that area. The faculty works hard, and successfully, to ensure the possibility of college for all students. The athletic programs have continued to thrive as the school won its first state championship last year in girls soccer. Fellowship is a unique experience and will support children in their growth as students and people.
High standards make it hard to focus on academics
They're inconsistent in grading and teaching
I never felt unsafe while at school. There were very rarely cases of bullying that were immediatly delt with.
They have most things but they could add more after-school.
My experiance was great but there were a few things that could change.
The teachers are possibly the best part about Fellowship.
The school is safe and the nurse is excellent.
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I only am in Junior Beta but the clubs here are cool.
The teacher sometimes favorite students, but teach with the best of there ability and in depth.
its pretty good. diversity could be better
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