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This is a great small Christian School. I was able to learn everything I needed in order to get into college and be very prepared.
The biggest problem is consistenty with rules in the high school (which is probably in lots of schools). The teachers and administration really care- that's important.
There are vey few clubs and most are not taken seriously. Everyone is required to take at least one and there are only three options so many club members are only present in a club because the one they wanted was filled. The clubs contain students from middle school to high school so most of what is taught is lower level in order for the middle schoolers to not fall behind. Most students go to cooking because they are able to eat what they creat after and they have no homework. Non of these activities run after school aside from private instrument lessons.
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There are a few teachers that are excellent, unfortunately many of our best have left or will soon. Most teachers teach multiple subjects and a few of them put in minimum effort in order to avoid a load of correcting. Many teachers are not consistent and usually let the students decide when we have tests and when the homework should be due, and occasionally give students a long list of busy work then leave the room or are uninvolved for the rest of class. Even with that said, the teachers care a lot about the students and there is always one to help deal with students' issues in or outside of school.
The school is very small with only about 24 students in the high school. Everyone knows everyone and nothing can stay secret for long. Issues with drugs, physical fighting, and teen pregnancy are very scarc or non-existent. I would have chose it again if there school was more like when I started going there. Very few classes in the high school are taken seriously.
this school prepares u very well for the future. they challenge you
they are very strict with showing respect which is how it should be
not many people I know are really involved mostly because there isn't really many nonathletic afterschool activities
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