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Overall an extremely welcoming environment with instructors who are sensitive and responsive to the needs of learners. Communication with first year parents could be improved, but as an academic institution, I'm very pleased.
Teachers are great here. They just need more time.
It would be a great improvement to add a Guidance Counselor. Someone to help parents understand the circulum, which could free up time for teachers. A counselor could help arrange tutoring, and discuss test results.

Office staff tend not to care, it's only a job and they tend to wear too many hats.
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Teachers that teach the Kinder thru Second Grade are wonderful and leave an impact with a child. Many children will go and consult with their early teachers, even after they graduate.
The school is very secure. They have their own Security people who are present in the morning when parents are dropping their children off. The doors are locked during the school day, and entrance is only allowed at the front of the building with office personnel allowing the entrance.

There is a school nurse. When a child is sick the nurse handles contacting the parents.
They need more support of the Athletic Department. Robotics is on the move at the school and those children who are involved are very happy. The administration is so strapped that they don't get the opportunity to participate or support any of the after school activities. It's difficult to get support. There should also be an official Tutoring Program, and all parents should be made aware of what's available. Today tutoring is left up to the Teacher.
The facility is very good. The Gym floors have been newly renovated, but they need a separate facility to accommodate the lunchroom and not one of the gyms. They have a great computer room, with a very good Teacher. The Athletic Department is not being funded properly, passing some of the expenses onto the Athletic Director and some of the parents. The Athletic Department continues to be expanding, presently they offer Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Track. This area depends on parent volunteers to assist with the coaching. With all of the improvements there has been a great number of Administrative turnovers making the environment uncomfortable for parents who have been there since PK. Three years in a row there has been a Principal change, and core subjects have lacked the proper teachers to keep the children engaged.
The majority of the teachers at FCA really care about the students and how well they perform in class. You can stay after school for tutoring at least 3x per week in each class.
The facility was fairly new. We moved into the new building when I was in the 1st grade.
Not many sports to choose from but they had other clubs and extracurricular activities that you could participate in like yearbook, chess, art club,etc.
The principal was the best. She had been at FCA for years and was dedicated to the students and the parents. She was always fair with the students and she was approachable; kids werent afraid to talk with her. She had an open door policy.
Security was always present at the school and the students knew the security team. The doors were locked after 8:30 a.m. and you had to ring the doorbell if you wanted to enter after that time. They also have security cameras. There was always a feeling of safety, even with the teachers.
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