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I love my school cause you acully get to learn about God I have great teacher they are all amazing. I can't wait tell school starts again it's gonna be amazing and every one there is just amazing
I'm a 2017 class graduate from Fellowship Baptist Academy. The staff, teachers and the administration. Put a lot of time and effort into out future and education. They really care about there students walk with God and with the success in there life when they graduate.I wish they offered more sports and diversity. But this private school is growing year by year. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. That wants there kids to have a good faith in the Lord and in there education.
The rules are practical and make sense. The principal is very involved. There are no guidance counselors, but you can always talk to the secretary, teachers, or principal.
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The only extra curricular things our school offers is soccer, volleyball, and basketball. You can also take band class at the Carson City- Crystal Public Schools. A kid took drama class there also. I'm sure that you can participate in any extra curricular activities at the public school. Our schools are very close.
If you need to go to the hospital they will get you there. We have fire drills and lock-down drills. The only thing we have in the way of security is security cameras. The doors outside can lock, but it would be easy to get through them if you really wanted to.
There is an equestrian team, but outside of that the only extracurricular activities are in the athletics department. Varsity girls sports include volleyball and basketball, while varsity boys sports include soccer and basketball. The athletics program is excellent, though, and the level of participation is extremely high. A majority of students participate in at least one sport. The varsity girls teams possess several state titles in both volleyball and basketball, while the varsity boys possess a total of 8 state championships in varsity basketball. The coaching staff is excellent.
The food is well prepared and tasty, though there is nothing particularly special about it. The menu has been the same for as long as I can remember, and it consists mainly of an assortment of frozen, microwavable entrees. I have no complaints.
Our athletics program is excellent, if a bit narrow. The level of participation is extremely high, as is the sense of school spirit among the student body. Basketball is our go-to sport, and the fans come out in strength during the basketball season. The varsity boys basketball team has a total of 8 state championships in our conference, and have been runners-up on numerous occasions. The varsity girls also have several state title wins, and have been runners-up on several occasions.
Our academics program consists mainly of the state of Michigan core curriculum. Electives and AP classes are offered through neighboring schools, online, and the local community college, but beyond that there is very little. The core curriculum at our school is advanced, however. The course curriculum tend to be more difficult than those found in most of the surrounding public schools.
I love this school. The connection with students and teachers is unparalleled; I could claim personal friendship with nearly every single student and teacher. The teachers and administration are very willing to work with students who have individual needs and will go out of their way to make sure you have the best possible educational experience. I wouldn't choose to attend any other school.
The current facilities are sub-par, though there are plans in motion to begin building an entirely new facility within the next couple of years. Technology-wise there is easy access to decent school computers, though the internet service provider is often rather spotty.
Most of the teachers have an excellent understanding of the subjects they teach, are highly capable instructors, and connect well with the students. There is always an exception to the rule, but the majority of the teachers are excellent at what they do.
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