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Fellowship Academy is a small, comprehensive, PK-12th grade private school that includes a before-and-after school program, fine arts, and athletics. Our school community values service, friendship, and being well-rounded. Our campus is beautiful and peaceful. Check us out!
I love Fellowship Academy. I love the staff and the people there because they are all so welcoming and it's nice to see friendly faces everyday. I am glad that I attend this school with great teachers where I actually learn and people who I can get along with!
My child is a Junior and has been a student at Fellowship for 7 years. Overall we have been extremely pleased with the well rounded Christian education she has received. Being a small school students are well know by all teachers and staff. There are opportunities for students to take honors classes, dual credit classes through TCC as well as take regular High school classes. A large percentage of students participate in sports. I have seen in the past few years the school is trying to expand their drama, drumline and art classes which I think is wonderful since not every student wants to play sports. Tuition is very reasonable - from what i understand the school was founded with the belief that a Christian education should be available to all families and their keeping tuition as a reasonable rate certainly aligns with this belief. Admin and teachers have always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns.
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1st and 2nd year are only the honeymoon years

The administration has a tight lock on all you do or say inside school or out. Any gossip that finds its way to them is going to be acted upon no matter its validity
The Bible classes are not a place where you discuss Christianity or are given the tools to find truth; it is a place where you sit down, are told how the Bible is ‘supposed’ to be read and understood, how Christians are supposed to act, and guilttripped into accepting the conclusions that the teacher has handed you
I made most of my friends when I transferred to Fellowship. Though the education was the same as my previous school, the experiences, and environment was new and wonderful.
The teachers and advisors are very caring about each individual student. They reach out to a student if they feel like the student needs it. The principal, vice principal, and academic advisor were very helpful when it came to figuring out a path after high school.
My daughters love this school so much! The smaller classes, the opportunity to try every sport and art and the close attention from the teachers and faculty is really what makes this school special. As well as the biblical education!!!
Fellowship academy provides an amazing christian atmosphere for any Bible based religion. Constantly expanding their campus Fellowship has great opportunities ahead of them. Offering sports and clubs Fellowship gives you the experience of public education in a christian environment! Many of the teachers will provide one on one tutoring and really do care about their students. Chapel once a week with a student lead praise and worship helps provide a friendly atmosphere.
hard working, exert maximum effort, great communication with students, lovable, fun, outgoing
Teachers love the students and work hard to provide quality lessons for them. They form relationships with kids in the classroom and invest in their lives by attending their sporting and fine arts events.
We have a nurse and locked doors (you must be buzzed in). They are very conscientious about strangers who enter the building.
Fellowship has many extracurricular activities, and as we grow, there will be more
Fellowship Academy staff care about their students, and are there for their students.
Acceptance is connected to availability student numbers are determined by availability of space. Financial aid is a simple electronic application.
Sport's are very popular and students have the opportunity to participate in any organization they are interested in.
The school was very inclusive and accepting of my sons learning difference, he is dyslexic, which created confidence and built up his self image, the size of the school allowed my son to participate in whatever activities he chose.
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