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I agree with the previous reviewer that the principal is not worthy of being a principal. As far as I can find online, as of the school's last review in 2015 of their audit done in 2013, she also still wasn't certified to be a principal. She blatantly lied to me to protect the school's image while not giving me the info I need to protect my children. I do not trust her. On a positive note, my children liked their teachers for the 4 months they were there.
Fell Charter is the school that you will WANT your child to grow and learn at! My children go there and it was the BEST start i can be giving my children. From starting at Kindergarten, my kids are learning ahead of the other students locally, because its FUN and ENCOURAGING! The teachers, they are one of a kind. They treat each student with tender love and care like every student should be nurtured to learn. They have "warrior night", in which each student puts on a skit with their classmates on what they have learned and it helps build their self esteem. I LOVE saying my children attend Fell Charter School :) and once your child becomes a student, you will too! :)
Well-defined​ school that teaches each student the best way they are taught, advances each child as child requires. Wonderful friendly staff and very helpful in my families time of trauma.
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The principal is a narcissist who is only concerned with her image. She constantly lies and always shift the blames to the parents, she don't take any blame for her self. She doesn't inform any parents of important information, she always wants us to relie on the news or the school app.she shouldn't be a Principal!!!!!!
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