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Felix Varela needs to improve on the reputation it has with the public as there have been many incidents that occurred this year to harm it. The efforts being made to do so are helping the school safety and academics wise.
Felix Varela is a pretty good public High School. Why? First, rules are follow along. Administration is always caring about people' safety and they are really strict with the rules. Teachers are really nice and they teach pretty well. I have had a pretty good experience in my school, I feel comfortable and safe. Activities are fun with music and games. We have an amazing principle that always checks classes and how people are doing. We receive gifts if we are doing good in school to keep people worrying about their grades. It's a good day to be a viper, Always!
AP program is amazing and teachers are very engaged. They also provide many resources for passing and excelling in the SAT as well.
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I am an Alumni from Felix Varela High school. This school is diverse and taught me how to become prepared for college. They had college readiness classes and workshops over the weekend to help with SAT. This school was a very good experience for me and I recommend if you have the opportunity to attend do it.
I want the school to become more spirited and interested in a strong sports core. Many people who attend this school dislike it due to the lack of diversity and what sometimes seems to be an uninterested faculty. The AP program in the school though sort of makes up for its many short comings.
This is a pretty diverse school, with good teachers and amazing people who will mark your life. Sometimes it could get difficult, however you will always know that with some effort you are going to get what you want, here at Felix Varela Senior High
Very well equipped school and it was a pleasure to attend this wonderful school. I really enjoyed my time here. The professors are wonderful people that really care about their students.
I liked that the teachers were genuinely interested in the students learning. However, there was a lack diversity and activities and food options.
The teachers and classes are very good and i enjoy spending my 4 years there as a Varela Viper. I have spent the majority of my time doing as good as possible in my classes and usually have no problem finding what i need there. As I am approaching the end of the road everything in terms of my future goals have been set and everything is becoming clearer to me.
I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that I enjoyed my four years at Felix Varela. I definitely owe my academic success to the extraordinary teachers, especially the AP teachers, that truly go above and beyond to prepare their students for college.
I like how Felix Varela wants their students to have a fun and safe time. However, one thing I would like to change is the lack of school spirit among the students and faculty.
It would be much better if the school hires professional teachers rather than having the sports team coaches teach a class.
I graduated from Felix Varela and had a great experience. The school was very organized and teachers were concerned about the knowledge you receive everyday. I made many lifelong friends and wish i can relive my high school experience again.
Its a good school, however there is a focus on scores rather than the students sucess. counselors are the worst.
Felix Varela is a place of great value to me, not only because ill be graduating from there but for the simply reason that my sister completed her 4 years there as well. I have built great athletic memories and academically have been pushed throughout my schooling. The only thing I don't like about Varela is its lack of support for its dominant sports like soccer
During my time at Felix Varela Senior High School, I loved the experiences that I shared with my teachers. As an AP student, I had the privilege of working with teachers who were incredibly passionate and devoted to their subject, whether it be Art History, Literature, Language, Foreign Language, Psychology, or others.
I would like them to make it harder for students to walk out. They should have more college prep classes and dual enrollment classes. They should push ap classes less. The teachers should be less slack and actually know how to teach. They should find ways to make the students show more spirit.
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I like from Felix Varela Senior High School that they give recognition to students, and try to make they comfortable in the environment of the school, also that the school have a lot of community programs, and they try to make students with Autism, Down syndrome, as part of the average student, doing things as Autism week and doing big sport activities with them. What I don't like is that they don't have a big diversity of Ap classes and sometimes, the food is really bad.
This school is draining, and not as in saying there is too much work. This school just physically drains you. Don't recommend. I was in the Iprep program and they squeeze you so you can pass all their AP Test and make the school look good. They drain you 100%.
Felix Varela Senior High is a great school. Students have control of choosing what they'd like to do later in life. As a school, Felix Varela has a ton of upside. Ms. Nery Fins (our principal) has done a tremendous job turning Felix Varela Senior High in to an excellent academic school. For example, it was announced just yesterday that Felix Varela Senior High had the AP testing scores in our district. Mr. Carlos Escobar is not only an amazing teacher but he's also known amongst the AP community. He is one of the writers for AP exams and has taken Ms. Natalie Castillo under his wing and collectively they have developed a fantastic group of students for CAPSTONE. Furthermore, Felix Varela has a new Athletic Director, Mr. Ryan Schneider. Coach Schneider got promoted this year from teacher to AD. The culture in the hallways is changing and classrooms are filling up with Viper Pride. Felix Varela Senior High has so much to offer as a school and it's only going to get better from here.
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