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Felicity-Franklin Local High School Reviews

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I love that my school isn't the biggest your teachers do not have as many kids especially in your classes are smaller so if extra help is needed its easier to get that help. everybody is close and knows each other in your year.
They have an excellent FFA program that helps the community and teaches kids about agriculture and how the food we eat is made and distributed as well as how to care for animals and give to a good cause.
Felicity-Franklin in a 3/5 for me. I have attended this school since my freshman year and they have wonderful academic challenges as well as fantastic teachers, however this is not a high school that is athletically inclined since it is a division 4 high school. The school doesn't have much diversity culturally nor ethnically. I pack my food everyday for lunch because the food is prepackaged microwaved food everyday. The school also doesn't help the students out as far as college readiness.
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Academically I like the individual help you get when needed, the opportunity to participate in sports, and knowing everyone in this small rural school.
Felicity High School has been the place of so many memories for me for the last four years and I would not trade my experience for one at another school an other day.
The school is small in numbers which is not a bad thing. Teachers get to focus on students more.
i think the teacher at Felicity Franklin you have some good ones and you have some that don't care but i'm sure thats everywhere.
Felicity has no football team, their soccor fields are outdate and rough.
Our girls softball team has made it to state and sectionals for the past 4 or 5 years. Our girls basketball team is phenomenal. Unfortunately I can't say the same for any boys team. Fitness is an opportunity that anyone can take. There is a weightlifting and fitness course that you can take, and people are always in the weight room after school. Many students have school spirit when it comes to basketball games. We love our Cardinals weather they are undefeated or have only won one game.
As long as a student applies themselves, they will do exceptionally well. If you study and complete homework on time then you will probably get an a in that class.
I am an officer of our schools FFA Chapter. I would say that it is of high quality considering we were named a top ten chapter in the nation this year. I am not really aware of how other clubs and organizations do.
I have never really liked school food, but my school likes to make their pizza a lot and it is definitely not appetizing. But on the other hand the kitchen facilities are very clean and nice.
This was a tough one because I wouldn't say it's okay but I also wouldn't say it's great. We have many teachers in our school that genuinely care about the students and really do try to help them. We also have three teachers that I can think of immediately who aren't good at all. One has worked at the school for so many years that he could have retired a long time ago. He is completely burnt out and just has the students watch the news for half of the class and read out of the text book the other half. He never gets out from behind his desk which by the way has a refrigerator beside it. Another teacher has the same routine every single week, all we did in English was vocabulary words every week and that was literally it... despite the fact that 1/5 of the ACT is grammar we never once learned anything about sentence structure. Another teacher I've had and no joke, I think she is mentally disadvantaged. She has to google most of the questions that I would ask and I have proven her wrong on many things as well as test questions.
Well I think we have maybe two african american students in our high school... we're definitely predominately white. No one from another country...
Well, I've never had a detention or anything like that in my life. But in every single class I can hardly concentrate because absolutely no one is listening. Everyone carries on their own conversations and they still pass because the teacher has to lower their standards or else everyone would fail...
Because we are so small we just cannot compete with everyone else. I have a lot of school spirit myself but many people think it's lame because they are too into drugs and parties and the opposite sex. Again, the athletes in one sport are usually the same participants the very next season.
I participate in four different sports so I am always traveling to other schools and visiting their locker rooms and walking through their hallways... establishing that I can honestly say that Felicity is the absolute cleanest school I have ever been to and that is one aspect I do take pride in. I respect our janitors who clean the entire school daily very much. There is nothing wrong with our facilities at all. We have outdoor space two blocks away from the school but again we lack a football field and track so there isn't much use for it. One thing I do wish we had better of is our science labs. We often do not have enough materials for all of the students or we have old chemicals and they won't work properly in the experiment or we just run out of them. In fact this year in my chemistry class we didn't even get assigned books because there wasn't enough for everyone so we not one day out of the entire year had homework....extremely disappointing for someone who wants to make something of themselves.
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Our school has so many great teachers and so much potential however, the students in the school are what hold it back. Our town is known as "white trash," there is a cycle of poverty that seems to be practically unbreakable. If the students would just listen to the teachers we could do great. A huge problem with our academics is the variety of classes offered. For example, my sophomore year the administration combined all general and CP classes together.... your only option to take is a general class...what are the elite students supposed to take? I know this year that only two AP courses were offered; not only are the students who don't care not getting anywhere but the students who do have no option but to drag them along while they are being so held back and tied down.
The only thing that I really like about my school are that you don't have to be that good to be the best at something because there isn't much competition. Whereas if I went to a larger school and wanted to be drum major of the band it would require devoting all of my time to the band. At my school I can be the top at everything, I have the top GPA, I am the drum major of the band, I am a class officer, I am the most valuable runner on the cross country team, I am also very active in Math club and the FFA. This is a major benefit, especially when filling out applications. Because of this experience I'm not sure if I would go back and change my school if I could.
I go to an extremely small school therefore it seems that the students that are in one sport are the same students in all of the other sports. The extracurriculars at our school are a bit limited; we do not have a track, or a football field. We do not have the money for the equipment that would train us to our full potential. For instance, when track season comes we have to run on the road, when a car comes we have to move our five total hurdles out of the way. Also, for being such a small school we just cannot compete with everyone else and it seems as if no one wants to coach a losing team. Our coaches tend to be a bit inexperienced and in it for the extra pay-they are usually teachers.
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