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Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School Reviews

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My experience here at Mendez High School has so far been the absolute best. You don't see bullying here, you feel accepted the moment you walk in. However, with like any other school, the food isn't great. Getting to the lunch line is an absolute mess, some kids prefer not to eat because of how long the lines are. Students choosing not to eat isn't a good thing obviously, people like me don't eat here for that reason. For many of us, it can be hard to concentrate with the lack of lunch.
Mendez became a school I grew to love. Many incoming freshman are disappointed because it is not that typical "high school experience" but the more you continue your stay at Mendez, you will grow a love for it. The staff here are extremely supportive and want all of their students to achieve success, one of the biggest benefits for being such a small community-like school. There is so many academic opportunities given for those high achieving students who are bright and shine through, many of those opportunities are involved with the financial factor in college such as Quest Bridge and Posse. The counselors care for your academic ability, they make sure you are doing fine academically and are always keeping in touch with you.

Although there is a undeniable for the great amount of teachers that work here, there are some who do not put any effort into their students. However, Mendez at times, makes it simple for you to switch out of a class and choose a teacher of your choice.
Mendez high school is an amazing school the teachers are amazing they really care about there students . The teachers don't give up on their students they try and give their best. The student get along and stand up for what they believe in.
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My experience at Mendez high school was awesome, it wasn’t perfect but what is perfection? The teachers there are great they want you to succeed and push you to do better. The staff and students are very friendly and though it may be a small school, it’s acedmic performance and graduation rate make up for it. The sports are great/competitive, but there aren’t many. They’re is a decent amount of clubs and there usually some event on campus. Overall great school and best 4 years of my life so far.
Mendez is a very culturally enriched school in the heart of Los Angeles. It is very close-knit, small campus where the teachers pay attention to students and nurture the student-teacher relationship. The students are champions in the classroom and in the field.
What I like about my Mendez high school is that we have after school programs that keep students busy like music and sports . The teachers really care about we do if do good or bad they really want to see u grow into the person you want to be. Mendez prepares you with skills your going to need in the future it opens your eyes to the reality.
The reason I chose to go to Mendez was because it was a small school. I grew up in a small town and attended a k-8 school with 200 students in total. I knew what it was like to be part of a school that felt like family and I was hoping I could get that out of Mendez. I was also hoping that because it was a smaller high school there would be more attention and focus between the student and the teacher, versus going to a school where the population was overflowing. Something I really like about Mendez is that the staff really love their job. Teachers are ready and willing to teach you the skills in order to be successful and the administrators are eager to help you with whatever you need. This school truly feels like one big family. Once you join a club or sport you make friends so easily because you're all connected through your interests. I don't think there's anything I would change about this school because my four years at Mendez have been the best.
The experience was very comforting to me and I was able to gain the knowledge needed to succeed and do well in college.
I attend Mendez high school. I am a senior and ready to graduate. Teachers have been great to me and the rest of the students. These four years i've met great teachers that are involve in our academic life more than anyone. Since the classes are small teachers know you and are able to talk to you personally. Theres a lot of clubs and fun activities that will get students to get involve and sometimes change society. For example " StudentsDeserve" a club were students get together and forma voice for those who don't have one. These students are sons and daughters of immigrants who have come to work hard and give a better life to their kids. They also talk about discrimination of races and other stuff. The Spanish Club, does a lot fo fun activities that will teach other people about hispanic culture. Since its a small school everyone knows each other. Mendez High School a well known for its academics. It has won high school of the year many times in a row.
Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School is more than just a school, it its one little community. Everyone is family and care about the well being of each other. The teachers and staff really do make you feel at home and most importantly, they want you to succeed.
As a junior at Mendez High School, I really enjoy it. Being in a school that celebrates its students' culture really allows everyone to express their own individuality and be themselves. Because of it, we attend a safe school environment allowing us to focus on our academics and strive for the best.
I really enjoyed my experience with Mendez High School. There are a lot of great opportunities there for both scholars and athletes. The teachers genuinely care about your success in their classes. However, I would change the options in the school cafeteria for more healthier options. Also,their is a lack of school spirit that I would like to see change in the years to come.
In my junior year of high school I transferred to Mendez and it was the best choice that has happen to me. In my pervious high school I didn't have a high chance to graduate on time, but at Mendez have teachers who are willing to take time out of their busy scheduled. The staff are wonderful and friendly and will take the time to see if you are alright, plus help out students with special needs.
I love Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School it is a wonderful school and the teachers make you feel welcome and will stay after school just to help you with any problems you have in school, outside of school and school work. They try to be the best school and accept every student. I love this school the students are so respectful to others and most are dedicated to their education and help eachother all the time.
This school was incredible! The teachers and staff provide every student with so much help and support. They push you to be somebody better and extend many opportunities your way. My experience there was just great!
Due to the fact that it is a small school it becomes helpful when you need that extra push, because you will have faculty who can help you. Their academics are exemplary but lacks in diversity, due to the fact that it is in fact in the heart of a mostly Latino community.
I like the fact that it is a little school and everyone knows each other, but I dislike that there aren't as many activities to do and that some teachers don't even teach.
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Best high school experience any one could ask for. This school prepared me for college and the staff was very encouraging on my plans for the future.
My experience at Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School was great. I learned many skills while attending Mendez. The teachers here are open to every student and allow each and everyone for an opportunity to achieve to their greatest abilities. The teachers make the classroom fun and understanding of the subjects. Although the teachers had a great the only thing I would want to see change is instead of throwing students out who have low grade they should be put into classes to help them understand the topic better.
I really like being a student at Mendez high school, I feel welcomed, and it's an enjoyable experience. They have a college center which helps senior students apply to colleges. Overall, I really like being a student at Mendez highschool.
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