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Federal Way Public Academy may be an unconventional school, however, it is unique with amazing people and interesting traditions. It is a poor choice if you like PE class as there is no gym. However, there is a multitude of events that are just as exciting. The curriculum can be a bit challenging but it is helpful.
Federal Way Public Academy is a unique school in which one can get an education as if they were attending a private school. There's a lot of homework and responsibility meant for an above-average student who is academically inclined, so the decision to go there should be considered carefully. Although there are issues with the school (the most notable one being teachers' favoritism), it is overall an exceptional place.
Honestly going to Federal Way Public Academy was a very interesting experience. You make some of the best friendships. I would love to see them add more after school activities.
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It really becomes your home over the years. The friends you make become your siblings, the teachers either a parental figure or a best friend. Everyone is always encouraging you to reach higher goals, and do better than you did yesterday.
The teachers and staff are amazing! They were always there to help with whatever we needed of them and prepared us well for whatever we wanted to do in the future.
Federal Way Public Academy is a college-prep school that mainly focuses on education. There are indeed many faults concerning the school such as the lack of physical activity or the low-quality food, however, the education given is on par with private academy's.
I have gone to FWPA for five years, and this year is my last. Ever since sixth grade I have been given an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a student, and I feel truly prepared for whatever my future holds academically.
Prepared me for beginning higher education at a much younger age than usual and gave me the foundation of skills that I need to be succesful and is the reason I am where I am today.
The teachers are phenomenal as they are not afraid to personally engage with their students providing an interactive and effective lesson. The environment created by the teachers gives the students a safe place to want to learn and challenge themselves which is crucial especially at the young ages at which they accept students. The strict curriculum is constantly pushing students to work harder, creating diligent and passionate students who are ready to face the world head on.
If there are any problems, the office and nurse are readily available to help. Also, teachers and the staff here are very open to talk about problems and issues that we have while making it comfortable to have a one on one conversation.
Although we might not have physical education or music, we do have some extracurricular activities that account for that and other areas of interest. For example, I have participated in cross-country for two years. In those two years, it has been fun to get in shape and spend more time with my peers. With other clubs, it gives everyone a chance to get out an explore things that they have never tried before, or improve in what they already know. Also, it is an opportunity for those who want to get out and interact with others outside of just the classroom.
What makes FWPA different from other schools is that most everything is student led where we are able to be very active and hands on. For example, each year, we have home made school dances. With each theme, we have painters, people volunteering everyday after school preparing for it, and loads of people who are willing to come set up as well as clean up. Another memorable experience is the 10th grade yearly fashion show. Having participated in it just this past Monday, I was able to enjoy the company of my fellow classmates while we worked our creative minds by making clothes for different characters all out of paper. Working for several hours, we walked in front of the entire school and showed off our creation.
Teachers at FWPA will take the time out of their day to help students who take responsibility for their studies. There are some teachers after school that will have study sessions to help us better understand the material. The teachers are very knowledgeable while being open-minded, though some more than others, they tend to introduce ideas that we won't really discuss because of how controversial they are. Overall, the teachers are a big part of what makes the school an enjoyable place to come learn everyday.
I've attended all five years of FWPA, and it has had its ups and downs. You definitely learn a lot at FWPA, and become much better at reading and writing. School camps and dances allow you to become very close to your classmates and friends. Some teachers are better than others, to say the least, and you need to stay on teachers' good side. There is too much profiling by math class, make sure that you end up in the higher math class in 7th grade one way or another. All the math and science teachers are great. Although I was more of an English type in elementary school, Science has consistently been my favorite subject throughout FWPA. Ideal school for the smart but socially awkward student.
This school is a place for students who are willing to work hard and start their future early. FWPA prepares it's students for college at a young age. I learned how to take cornell notes in 6th grade and it has helped me become more organized. FWPA teaches you how to time-manage and be professional. It is over all a great school academically with great teachers. However, FWPA lacks the social aspect of a school. It is very small with about 60 students to a grade. This is great for small class sizes and good relationships with your teachers, however you are stuck with the same people each year so you never meet anyone new. There are no sports and only a few clubs. Overall, it was very academically helpful to me but that social aspect is important as well.
I've grown so much as a person at FWPA
I have and always will remember FWPA as awesome.
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Very great layout of the school, in my opinion.
We like to focus on the academics at my school.
I couldn't ask for better teachers.
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