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At the school they use “the Cambridge system”. While it is good for classes, we take these test, similar to AP test which we are alway horribly prepared for. In my classes everyone failed the math and chemistry because the teachers only covered 1/4 of the material required for the test. Econ teacher is amazing (shout out to Mr Anderson for being the most down to earth teacher and actually teaching me useful things). The food is hot garbage. I think the dirt from outside is more nutritious and tasty ( not really the schools fault though... more of a district/national issue)
My experience at Federal Way High School was really great. I was able to learn a lot if not all the information I needed to know to prepare me for college. I also had many resources to help me figure out how to apply to college. The teachers I had were extremely nice and they often helped me with academic and sometimes even personal problems that I had. I am not sure what I would like to see change at my school because my experience was all around great. The people tended to be nice and the teachers I had were amazing at connecting with students.
The diversity at this school is amazing. The teacher and counselors will do anything to help you succeed whether you’re enrolled there or not. The athletics are amazing as well!
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I had a lot of good and bad memories going to school.I appreciate all that teachers that are dovoted to their students .Some students start out there school year really bad but at the end there is always that one teacher that cares about you and checks up on you .The thing I like to change at school is stop the bullying I see in my school.To all the girls and boys that are picked on needs to stop,to not cause any further damage.At my school they don’t address that and they need to.
What I loved about Federal Way High school is the diversity. It was known as the 2nd more diverse high school in the country! Being able to see people who look like me at school made my years easier and even allowed me to learn more. Even seeing all the other people of other cultures was an important experience because it's only a little bit of how the world looks when we leave high school. What I would change about the school is how much Federal Way values sports. A basketball coach should not be able to continue to work at a school when he has a history of students coming forward with accusations of being inappropriate with comments or even physically inappropriate just because the coach has seniority or takes the basketball team to state every year.
what can i say i go their so i know the experiences yeah federal way has a bad reputations with shooting and violence but federal way high school is great, offers so many resources for college, the teachers care for your learning and their diversity is off the charts there is all different types of races and for culture its awesome they celebrate mexican heritage holidays or any basic holiday from different races or religion. overall fed is a great school
Honestly,we are such a diverse school.Students of any culture ,religous background,sexuality come to Federal Way High School.
I love federal way high school because of the diversity it offers; you’ll never walk alone because you don’t feel alone, the relationship between fellow students and teachers is always of respect because we all consider each other a family and that’s what we are the eagle family!!!!
I like that there is now a new school built! It's super big. The classrooms are nice and the bathrooms are really big. I like the art work in the halls. I would like to see change is new laptops for the students. Better inforced rules about throwing away trash. Also the 12th grade English class crriculum should be better. Didn't learn much.
It has been my first year here at Federal Way highschool and it’s been a pretty cool and chill year. The academics are really pushed to there limits to prepare students to really seize opportunities in the real world and to make something of themselves. They’re also very diversed and welcoming!
I love the diversity in Federal Way and the accepting nature and learning environment that has been created within the district. The teachers and faculty celebrate differences and try to find ways to ensure student success. Federal Way could be improved by creating a better learning environment in the school and not encouraging graduation that was not deserved.
What was best to me about federal way high school was how diverse it was. Also, you make lots of friends no matter what type of person you are or where you come from. Next, i feel like everyone is pretty accepting when your new you'll always find help somewhere and its very resourceful. There are also clubs that create safe spaces for people, for example, Black student Union, Pacific Islander club, Latino club etc. But, thats what makes federal way high school the best it school it can be, because even though we are different we are similiar in one way.
The diversity is amazing. The atmosphere for the most part is very accepting. We like to include everyone. And improve social awareness. Hopefully Federal Way high school offers more rigorous courses to improve the academics.
This school is very excellent. The rooms are very well sized, some classes are not even full, making it a bit more comfortable. The teachers are very well prepared for their job and well guide you very well through high school. Many teachers will even stay after school just to help you with whatever you are struggling with. The counselors are amazing and will help you very much in order to graduate.
It was very activity friendly, meaning if you wanted to participate then there was guaranteed to be the right club or activity for your interest. On the flip side if you did not actively choose to participate then you were not forced to by any means.
This school in my opinion is really great it helps a lot to new students who don't speak English like me, when I started here my English wasn't really good but the teachers and classmates helped me a lot. It has differents afterschool activities that every single student can enjoy. We're all equal in here nobody in more nobody is less.
Federal way High school has had a bad misconception about how people act there but honestly you can never judge a book by its title. Never have I ever seen witnessed the intregity of a school so united. We are an Eagle family that brings in everyone with open arms. I absolutely loved my high school experience and will be more then delighted to be going back to visit all my teachers who have showed me nothing but respect and admiration!
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The environment in the athletics programs was fantastic. I played soccer at Federal Way all four years, and decided to try tennis and track out for a year as well. I was blown away by how helpful the coaches were every time. I’ve made more friendships than I can count from sports and I love the competitive atmosphere as well. I was willing to do soccer outside of school and participate in other sports at the same time because I enjoyed it so much. In track, I ended up winning the all-city meet in the 100m race, and I can’t even sum up the words to explain how it felt. I have no regrets about going to Federal Way High School.
Federal Way High School is one of the most diverse schools out there, there is no other school like it. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students and go above and beyond their pay grade. What I liked most about Federal Way HS was the overall diversity between the teachers and students. During my time here, I got to learn not only complex concepts in the classroom but also the different cultures offered by fellow students. It was truly an experience and honor to have graduated here.
over all a really good school i have been going there since freshman year and currently a senior. my school is very diverse and we have a lot of talent at the school. everyone is very nice beyond .
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