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Federal Hocking High School Reviews

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Federal Hocking while preparing you for the intensity of college, does nothing to assist those students who excel at academics. They either sh you to duel enroll or do an internship so they do not have to deal with you. However the teachers are genuine people who do want to see their students succeed.
I don't think I could have gotten a better high school experience anywhere else. The teachers and students are all so unique and amazing to be around. The teachers are very open to helping in any way they can, including setting aside their own personal time to help any student in need.
Teachers were always ready to help us achieve are goals and were very understanding. Overall one of my best semesters in high school.
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I love the teachers and the classes. I loved that all the classes are small because it gives everyone a chance to learn what they need to. The environment is just homey and I love everything about it.
There is no bullying and no need for security but we have never had a school nurse.
The school wants to spend most of their money on sports even though most of the teams are terrible.
Since this school is so small the bond between everyone is huge. In my 12 years there has never been 1 great bullying event take place.
The teachers at this school are amazing. They care so much for the students and will do anything to see them succeed. They will even stay after or come in early to help struggling students.
The food is awful. The only talent the cooks have is microwaving food.
There is only 1 AP class and very few classes that are arts based or that are not core classes.
Most teachers are very intelligent and will work hard for students that care and want to learn.
Basically everyone is a conservative republican and fits the stereotype of a red neck.
Our guidance counselor is fabulous and very helpful when applying for college.
The courses I took at OU and my internship have come in very handy in getting college credit out of the way and applying for other jobs.
There is no school nurse, frequent problems, and no sex education what so ever.
There isn't a very good opportunity for student athletes.
I really love the Post-Secondary option they have with Ohio University and the Internship Program is really great.
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The school is alright but the academics and extracurricular activities could definitely be improved upon.
Students have a reasonable dress code. We have to wear skirts and shorts fingertip length as well as no tank tops less than three inches wide. The policies seem to be the same as any in this area.
The teacher's at Federal Hocking are great teachers. They strive to help the students succeed. They give decent amount of home work. They push the students to exceed their own capacities. They have us do a Senior project our senior year and a Senior speech that has to be displayed and said for other's to hear and see. With this it pushes the students to collect everything they have been through the last four years of their high school life, and write it down on a piece of paper, stating everything they have learned, and would like to continue to learn. As well as going out into the world for half the day and experiencing hands on careers, while displaying everything they have learned. The teacher's are very welcoming and a delight to work with.
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