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FDNY High School for Fire & Life Safety Reviews

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i Must say it wasn't easy starting a new school in a new neighborhood. But the passion of the teachers the care of the principle helped me get my diploma. The push the positive feedback and encouragement meant a lot. i would not have graduated if the staff and my mother would not have pushed me. It's living in the projects the constant drug dealers alcoholics and young parents that made me realize it's all in the people who care for you. And that's what They did.
My school makes it very possible to make a complaint to the school safety or to any of the adult when there is a problem in the school. They make sure that we are safe and that there's no bullying on campus.
My school offers a lot of extracuctivities and after-school activities. it's a great environment.
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High school was so much fun I want to so much interesting things that will help me in my future career.
The teachers are okay, and some actually make learning interesting.
So much gang violence and fights
You can become an Emt after high school.make a lot if money
We have an opportunity to get a job after hight school
Its not what it should be but it's okay.
I have learn so much throughout my almost 4yrs there. The academic classes are great. What has been the best was all the different activities I became a part of, those included JROTC, EMS, EMT, Track n Field, Representative of our student Government. On top of all that i was able to maintain my 4-0 GPA for the 4yrs. I've had so much fun in this school with all my extracuricular activies and class trips, it has been a great learning experience and very rewarding. If I had to choose again i would.
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