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Fayetteville Christian School is a pre-k - high school private school. I have been attending FCS for 13 years. I absolutely love it. Building relationships with both students and staff is easy and so amazing because the school is so small that a senior can easily be friends with one of the 8th graders. The teachers volunteer. They do not get paid with money. The payment they receive is far greater than all of the money in the world. I, along with many other students here, feel as though we can easily go to any of the staff for help in any situation that may occur in life. The academic curriculum at FCS can be considered harder than other curriculums in many other schools. We go into more detail in our grammar classes than many other curriculums. Our high school mathematics classes have been thought of as harder than some first-year college mathematics courses. Therefore, the challenge I have by attending FCS will help me to potentially do very well in college.
As a graduate of Fayetteville Christian, I can honestly say, I was more than prepared for what lied ahead in life. I was treated as student with value, made meaningful relationships with friends and teachers, had the opportunity to learn about different cultures from our International Student body, and was shown great respect by peers. I can only recommend this school for anyone looking for a good quality education from pre-school to high school.
The teachers at Fayetteville Christian School are extremely caring and supportive, and they are all volunteers. It is a close, family-like school that allows students to learn in a sheltered environment. However, the curriculum they use can be very impractical.
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Fayetteville christian has all volunteer teachers and its incredible. The staff is always helpful and gracious, and every student has an excellent attitude.
I have attended Fayetteville Christian School for 14 years and am in the process of completing my 15th and final year at this school (K - 12), and I must say that enrolling me into Fayetteville Christian School was the best decision my parents ever made. I have made lifelong friends and unbreakable bonds with people, and I have learned so many very important life lessons there, that you just can't get anywhere else. Not to mention, my ability to learn more than ever about Christ and how to live a Christian lifestyle. I have unforgettable memories and experiences. The people of Fayetteville Christian School are truly people of the Lord, and I challenge anyone who doesn't believe me, to visit and see for themselves.
They are concerned about your past and try to screen
They are volunteers so they truly care.
Most teacher especially in the high school will stay late or meet with you outside of school. The counselor gives you plenty of information and guides you to scholarships. However, if you act uninterested she will not force you.
The school nurses are compassionate and caring. They strive to keep the students informed on various viruses going around and such.
The counselor is amazing and is willing to do anything for you. The new principle isn't as people friendly however....
We have book club, Young Women Of American, Missions Club, and basketball... Thats all I can think of right now....
The staff is super amazing! They are super dedicated because they are all volunteers and do this as a ministry unto the Lord! They truly care.
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