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Fayetteville Street Christian School Reviews

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The school provides a strong academic curriculum. The teachers are caring and dedicated to their students learning needs.
My kids have learned so much! The teachers truly care about the students and want to see them succeed!
Horrible teachers, horrible staff, HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Does not take bullying seriously, no college prep, if the teacher didn't feel like teaching they didn't. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE!!
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The preschool and elementary program have been wonderful! The k3 & k4 curriculum stands apart from any other programs in the area. By the end of k4 the students are more than prepared for kindergarten. There is very low teacher turn over and the new pastor of FSBC is very dedicated to the school. If you desire a Christian environment in a close knit community, this is the school for you.
My children have been at FSCS since K3. They love it there and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The teachers are helpful and truly care about the students.
FSCS has some really good teachers that do their best to support and encourage you. It's like a big family.
I really enjoy being at Fayetteville St. The Staff is amazing, and I have greatly been educated in many fields of interest. I have enjoyed my time there, and I look forward to its future growth.
I honestly like this school for the most part but this school needs some new teachers. The high school math teacher is a nice person but i just can't understand things when she teaches and the same for other students. The computer teacher she is nice but she does not know much about computers, I would like to see this school get a new computer teacher. I will say that all in all this is a great school the teachers are really nice but some of them need to be replaced for the students learning sake. An one thing that i have noticed is that there is a lot of bullying at this school i have experienced it and i had thought that leaving from a public school to a private school there would be no bullying but there is and it hurts more than at public because with a small school everyone is close so it feels like your family is bullying you which sucks. so this school needs to focus on this as well. An another thing i would love to see is a football team.
if there was a 0 star option, I would put that instead. This school does not teach, if you had a question about a question on a math test, the teacher would give you the answer! The principal does not do anything about bullying, the upper-classman think they have the minority. After a year and a half at FSCS, I am happily back in public school and it is so much better.
Some good teachers but overall not worth your time and money. Bullying is still a problem but not as much as other schools, other than that you are much better off somewhere else. Save yourself the headaches!
My child is receiving an excellent education in a safe environment. Parents who choose to send their children to FSCS have put a great effort into their school choice and this is reflected in the student body. Teachers are focused on both academic and spiritual development for each individual child. Parents are kept in the loop with grades consistently available online and daily behavior reports. Discipline procedures are fair and expectations are clearly stated from day one. Extra help in small groups or one on one is readily available and encouraged with the resource teacher. Children have music, art, computer, Spanish and chapel weekly helping to develop the whole child. The sense of community is very apparent at FSCS.
Amazingly supportive teachers who communicate openly with parents. Grades are consistently posted on headmaster for parents to review. Extra help in small groups or one on one with the student resource teacher is available and encouraged for all who need it. Behavior is reported to parents daily with specific expectations and consequences clearly stated from day one. Children are taught about a loving God daily with emphasis on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, salvation and baptism.
Bullying in FSCS is totally accepted by teachers and administrators. Teachers even act as bullies on the occasion, and greatly participate in favoritism. There is no school nurse, health programs, police, resources, or great safety measures. We had a lock down once because of a nearby bank robbery. I was very afraid because most class room doors do not lock properly.
FSCS's choir does very well and has a superb choir teacher. The art program is not funded properly, but the art teacher is also phenomenal.
There are a few very loving, caring staff members at FSCS, but most of them have caused me more damage than growth. I attended FSCS because I have a medical condition and was seeking a safer environment to learn. This wasn't what I received. During my eleventh grade year I was bullied and my family confronted the administrator. He told me I was overreacting and that this person had the right to treat me that way. I considered moving schools. I was actually going to, but was scared to go back in public school because of my health. Also, on our senior trip one of my classmates was mugged and shoved around on the streets when our principle left us a whole block behind (because I couldn't keep up in a wheelchair). This student was told that they were not to mention this to anyone. These are a few brief examples as to why "it's bad." This school lacks integrity and rule enforcement, or any morals to be blunt. I realize my experience seems exaggerated or biased, but I am not the only one who had a bad time at Fayetteville Street. If you want a quality to education, do not send your child here.
There are a few wonderful teachers at FSCS, but these are the minority. Teachers often fail to give correct grades and then make you prove you did your work. Most of them are far from organized. The high school math teacher does not have a math or teaching degree. Students often get shoved along to pass when they shouldn't because the teachers do not want to bother. Students also get by with bullying certain teachers into giving them the answers on quizzes, or even tests. This school is a joke. The principle refuses to get the appropriate accessibility needs for handicapped students and will not assist in obtaining 504 plans from the county. The art and science teachers are wonderful, on the other hand. I feel that anyone attending this school will absolutely struggle in college due to lack of education. I was even told I should be happy about making a 93 and settle, rather than trying to get the grade I had earned, because they didn't want to go change it in the computer.
The teachers here are full of enthusiasm, and pour into the life's of each and every single individual. They genuinely desire for all students to not only excell academically, but outside of the classroom as well!
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