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Fayetteville-Perry High School Reviews

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At Fayetteville you get more one on ones with teachers and the people are amazing! You will always have someone right there to help you. Not just are the teachers amazing but so is the entire staff.
It's a pretty decent school, but sometimes a few ridiculous moments. There are rare bomb threats and also rare frights of school shooters. The only actual problem isn't in the school. It's how people view it. The past school year, the school asked the town for a tax increase to pay the teachers, sports, maintenance and buy new school supplies for the classrooms. People shot it down because teachers already get "paid too much". My mom is a school teacher. In the small town high school, she teachers freshmen (required) physical science, chemistry, and physics (11-12 grade courses, optional but required for honours). She has a masters degree in Chemistry and Science Education. She is only paid about 34,000. y father, who works a federal weather job, makes almost 90,000. He only has a bachelor's degree. The town is not supporting of the teachers.
Everyone is close. Small town country school. Lots of opportunities to learn and be prepared for college. Lots of sports and activities to participate in.
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Honestly if I were to change anything about our school it would be the school system, their choices and the faculty who makes them. I know it seems like a cliché but I have a lot of history with Fayetteville and they aren't good memories.
Fayetteville-Perry was a great school. Having attended other schools, I found this out in my first weeks there. Fayetteville-Perry had a great body of kids that always seemed to get along with others and teachers very well. The teachers always made it their personal goal to make sure every student in their class was being taught to their highest potential. Everybody in Fayetteville would always lookout for one another in and outside of school. They always pushed each other to do their best. If there was one thing I could change about Fayetteville-Perry, it would be the way the teacher utilize the online progress book to check grades. This is because some teachers would not put in the grades or put them in wrong so you would not know what your honest grade in the class was.
Fayetteville is a small school and community, everyone feels like family. The education is one on one and produces bright, intelligent students!!
Sports are very competitive and very selective about who is let in. We aren't very good though. Band sounds gun until you meet the instructor then you realize you either have to really love bad to put up with her or you decide to quit.
It could have been better. Most teachers were nice and helpful. They didn't give many real world instances of what we were going certain material.
Most teachers are very helpful some arent as helpful as they could be.
When I had children we moved to Fayetteville because of our great school
Fayetteville is a very small town and the majority of students are white. Even with the limited racial diversity, most students do not make a big deal about those students that do not fit the racial norm. Peer pressure is not very prominent, and it is easy to find a group of friends that share your interests.
Being in a small town, this school is very small and the majority of students feel safe.
The food is decent and there are always a few different options available every day. I feel that the cafeteria staff does the best they can with their resources.
Like many schools, Fayetteville has a few teachers that are not the best. Overall, however, Fayetteville's teachers are very good at what they do. They do a great job of bringing in real-life examples to the classroom.
When you consider how small Fayetteville is, there are still quite a few clubs and organizations that students can get involved in. There are several extracurricular opportunities available such as, science club, mock trial, or student council. Fayetteville is a very rural town and the agricultural industry is very important. With that being said, many students are members of the FFA Chapter. Although for those students not interested in agriculture, there is also a FCCLA chapter and many other groups they can join. Also, for students who prove to be academically successful there is a National Honor Society that they can be invited to join. Overall, Fayetteville offers many different activities for students with all interests.
We have a new sports complex and are building a new football program.
Most sports available except golf. Have science club, Spanish club and NHS.
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Some lunches are really good and some are bad. Second lunch sometime runs out and they give out sandwiches. The portions are not big enough for the high school boys
I loved the teachers at this school. They made learning easy and fun. I never felt overwhelmed with the curriculum or left behind.
I personally kept to myself in school. I was very shy and quiet so I didn't have many friends if any at all the entire time I attended Fayetteville Perry. I really didn't fit in and felt shunned for being different, if that tells you anything.
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